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8.5 oz/242g (M U.S size 9),

 6.49oz/184g (W U.S size 7)

Heel Drop  

5mm (29mm/24mm)

Shoe Type 

Up-tempo running shoe



Running Surface  




  • Lightweight
  • Decent rocker geometry
  • Trampoline ride, especially for midfoot strikers
  • Versatility
  • Breathable soft upper
  • Excellent lockdown
  • Seamless transitions



  • Outsole durability issues

Take Away

The Hoka Mach 5 has a new soft upper material that enhances fitting and comfort. The new ProFly+ midsole is soft and bouncy, making daily long runs exciting. Hence, Hoka Mach 5 is a smooth-riding running shoe. 



Imagine doing six minutes and 50 seconds per mile, especially on easy runs. Hoka Mach 5 gives me precisely this type of efficiency. The Hoka Mac 5 is an iteration of its predecessor Mach 4, which I still love. The Hoka Mach 4 falls between an up-tempo and a daily training shoe. It is a smooth cruiser with the ability to pick up the pace. Now, this new version is even more exciting. I think Hoka positioned the Mach 5 as an up-tempo where it fits more than just a lightweight daily trainer.


Hoka Mach 5 Instant Impression

I loved the stylish and premium looks of the Hoka Mach 4. The fitting was true to size, and I loved the new soft upper mesh. The Hoka Mach 5 did not need time for a break-in. Thus, it felt soft when I walked around with it. It felt smoother than Mach Supersonic and moderately softer than its predecessor, Hoka Mach 4. 

The first time I ran in Hoka Mach 5 was on the treadmill. The ride felt a touch softer than Mach 4. I liked the experience because the Mach 4 was an impressive shoe that required little changes. The next day I took it out for a road test, and I loved the bouncy, peppy ride, especially when I landed through the midsole. The soft midsole was also compliant, and I enjoyed the long-distance training.


Hoka Mach 5 Upper Design and Fitting

HOKA MACH 5 Upper Mesh


The Hoka Mach 5 has an updated upper. The upper material is a creed jacquard mesh. It is thin with a soft feel, breathable, and incredibly comfortable than the material in Hoka Mach 4 and other previous Mach models. It also has a new flat, gusseted tongue, and I like how it combines with the flat laces. It eases pressure on the top of the foot. The laces are too long, and I am bound to use the last eyelet despite this shoe's superb lockdown.

If you find the Supersonic too narrow, you will enjoy the more spacious fit of the Hoka Mach 5. It fits true to size. While it runs longer and slimmer, it has a regular toe box, midfoot, and forefoot. The entire upper is reasonably breathable and exceptionally accommodative. The colorways look fantastic—the soft cloud blue and maroon colorways stand out. 

While Hoka Mach 4 has a structured and comfortable upper component, it is not comparable to Mach 5's new upper, which is soft on the foot. Hence, the new mesh material is gentle on foot and makes the Mach 5 one of the most comfortable running shoes. It also has an excellent foothold. 


Hoka Mach 5 Midsole Design and Performance

Hoka Mach 5 Midsole


The Hoka has a simple midsole setup for efficient running. The midsole comprises the Pro Fly+ as the top layer and firm EVA rubberized foam at the base for protection and durability. The ProfFly + is soft and bouncy. It is squishier than the ProFly+ in the Mach Supersonic. While the Mach 4 has a nice cushioned landing, the rubberized Eva foam created a fairly firm landing. However, in the Mach 5, Hoka has softened the midsole, and the new squishy ProFly+ provides a springy toe-off and lively ride. 

I noticed that this new ProFly+ is bouncier and more forgiving than the Skechers's Hyper Bust Plus or the Brook's DNA Flash. It is close to the Fresh Foam X, but I compare it to the Asics Glide Ride 3. However, the Hoka Mach 5 has plenty of ProFly+ foam close to the foot. Still, it is less soft and bouncy than Nike's ZoomX foam. The good thing is that it feels different. It bounces like a rubber ball. Hence, the midsole is an improvement of the previous version. Besides, it is durable. 

The midsole has a decent 5 mm stack height of 29mm in the heel and 24mm in the forefoot. Additionally, the midsole has a rocker shape; hence it rolls through the strides, creating a pleasurable experience. The Hoka Mach 5 offers a dynamic and fun ride. It is different from the traditional-riding experience. It is an all-around shoe that feels forgiving during easy runs. It is because the soft ProFly+ layer is compliant at a fast pace or up-tempo and doesn't feel dense. Also, the bottom is lightweight and offers a nice cushioned landing. Therefore, the Hoka Mach 5 is agile. The 5mm heel drop and rocker shape allow seamless heel-to-toe transitions, quick turnovers, and little pop-ups. It is why I do six minutes and 50 seconds per mile at a steady pace. 

I also noticed that the midsole is temperature sensitive. It feels nice and cushioned during high temperatures and humidity and somewhat firm when running in cold temperatures. 


 Hoka Mach 5 Outsole


The Mach 5 lacks the traditional outsole, making landing smoother than most daily trainers. However, the lack of a proper outsole compromises the shoe's durability. I have done 105 miles, and the heel areas and under the ball of the foot have noticeable wear. The extensive cavity under the heel section exposes the ProFly plus foam to enhance cushioning in this area but exposes it to severe abrasion. The outsole holds up well, but lacking lugs disqualifies Hoka Mach 5 from extreme wet conditions. 


Who Should Buy Hoka Mach 5?

I love doing a 5k with my pair of Hoka Mach 5. The extra cushioning under the foot and its ability to pick up the pace make Hoka Mach 5 suitable for long runs, tempo runs, and daily training. It is a comfortable and responsive shoe that makes daily miles enjoyable. Therefore, it suits anyone seeking to turn up the pace or wants extra cushioning, especially during recovery runs, or runners seeking a comfortable running shoe for long runs. Hence, Hoka One One Mach 5 fits those who want a do-it-all running shoe.


The Bad

While the Mach 5 is a fantastic shoe, it has durability issues. The lack of traditional outsole rubber exposes the abrasive areas to wear. For this reason, I have made my Mach 5 a rotational shoe to extend its lifetime. Still, it holds up well, but I am careful not to run with it on trail terrain or grass because it lacks lugs.  


Why you Should Buy Hoka Mach 5

Hoka Mach 5


The Hoka Mach 5 is my first choice for 5K races, tempo, and recovery runs across the park. This shoe matches my top shoes and has my approval as one of the best daily trainers of 2022. It looks great and rides better than its predecessor. It is also more energetic and breathable than Mach 4. Though, Hoka says the ProFly plus is super soft. I don't find it mushy. However, I love the comfort and liveliness caused by the responsive midsole. Besides, Hoka should categorize the Hoka Mach 5 as a long-distance running shoe other than a daily trainer. It is because its outsole won't survive daily training, especially daily long miles daily. Nevertheless, I take good care of my pairs by rotating them. Therefore, it will last me at least 400 miles. 


Reviewed by Dick Harrison

Harrison is an Australian who lives in Sidney. He trains for fitness and the fun of it but does it like a pro. Harrison has the experience of running in various running shoes and understands the technology behind each shoe model he has worn.


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