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New Balance SuperComp Trainer: Super Comfortable and Bouncy

By Jesse Heiden (October 9, 2022)

The higher the stack height of a running shoe, the more the midsole becomes cushy, aggressively rockered, and propulsive than a regular shoe. The due advantage it poses explains why the World Athletics has set the minimum stack height at 40mm. Any shoe that surpasses this limit has always been banned.

Recently Derara Hurisa was disqualified after winning a Vienna Marathon in Adidas Adizero Prime X, which has a stack height of 52mm in the heel. Despite the ban, the Prime X remains a popular illegal running shoe among runners. It is greatly cushioned and exceptionally fast.

Shoe brands like the New Balance are now emulating the Adidas Prime X. New Balance, on August 1, 2022, released the FuelCell SuperComp trainer as part of its SuperComp premium series, comprising The SuperComp Pacer, lightweight short-distance racing shoe and the SuperComp Elite Racer for long-distance racing. It is the first time New Balance is venturing into over 40 mm midsole stack height.  

The New Balance Fuel Cell SuperComp Trainer is a unique, max-cushioned super trainer. It has a thick FuelCell midsole of 47mm/39mm and an extensive carbon fiber plate sandwiched between the foam to provide a remarkably rockered, cushioned, bouncy, and peppy ride. It is somehow lightweight despite the beefed-up midsole since it weighs 10.2oz (289g) for US size 9. According to New Balance, the New Balance SC Trainer can provide 40% more energy return than New Balance Fuel Cell TC, which it has now replaced.


 New Balance SC trainer Upper Design and Fitting

SuperComp front


The upper of New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer is flawlessly constructed with a lace, full-length knit material, which is also slightly stretchy and exceptionally breathable. Runners have confirmed that the stretchy knit upper takes the shape of the foot to create a secure, snug-fitting, and lockdown.

The flat knitted tongue is attached on the sides; hence it wraps around the midfoot to enhance fitting. The flat lacing system also complements the tongue. They are also pretty stretchy, easy to adjust, and long enough to make a runner’s knot.

The toe box and forefoot have big ventilation holes for maximum aeration, while the inner lining is comfortingly smooth. The collar is also knitted, and the heel counter is flexible hence unrestrictive. The heel pocket is decently padded.

New Balance Supercomp Trainer fits true to size. The stretchy upper and roomy toe box can accommodate wide-footed runners. Besides, there are wide versions for runners with extra wide feet.

Comfort-wise, runners are assured of the secure and comfortable fitting. The reinforcement in the midfoot and heel befits a high-stacked shoe. The overall upper design creates a double feeling between performance and daily training shoes.


New Balance FuelCell SuperComp trainer Midsole Design and Performance 

Supercomp midsole

The Energy Arc technology is the critical ingredient that powers the chunky midsole. The Energy Arc technology comprises a spoon-like lever sandwich between the soft FuelCell foam. The fiber has been bowed upward in an arch shape upon which, when pressed, the bow flattens into the deep, wide groove and then releases the energy upwards in pop-like movement as it returns to its original upward convex shape. At the same time, the levered-carbon plate helps promote a forward movement.

Therefore, during foot strikes, a runner loads the shoe, the foot sinks as the channel underneath splays, and during toe-offs, the groove underneath contracts upwards, creating a propelling forward movement. The large channel from the heel to the midfoot also enhances stability.

As the foot lands, the high-stacked FuelCell lateral and medial walls compress to foam a steady base during landing. Besides, New FuelCell SC Trainer has a wide platform to compensate for the high stack height.

The midsole geometry ensures that the plate maximizes full energy return. Unlike other carbon-plated super shoes, which feel hard and snappy, this one creates a somehow planted landing with easy transition, making it excellent for long-distance running or recovery runs. The fiber plate combines well with the high-toe spring rocker and heel bevel to make this shoe energy efficient.


SuperComp Outsole


FuelCell SuperComp Trainer Overall Performance

New Balance was spot on with the Energy Arc/FuelCell combination. Runners are reporting an exceptional sensation of a peppy and bouncy ride. There are plenty of comforts underfoot to keep the legs refreshed over long miles, and maximum energy returns with every foot strike to keep a runner going.  

New Balance intended to make FuelCell SC a training shoe. It is amazingly stable, with smooth heel-to-toe transitions. It is a significant upgrade of FuelCell TC because it can double up as a racing shoe, but it can turn out to be too heavy for racing. Unfortunately, FuelCell SC is banned from athletics competitions.


What Runners Say About  FuelCell SuperComp Trainer 

 Mark wears the FuelCell SR 9.5 US men’s size, which he says fits true to size. He loves the comfort of the Flyknit material, the roomy toe box, and the secure fitting. “This shoe rides smoothly with enough protection underfoot. It is quite heavy but not a problem for daily training or recovery efforts,” says Mark.

Georgina is stunned by the stability of the shoe. She thought that she would experience stability issues. However, she was wrong. She loves the moderate softness of the shoe. Georgina feels that FuelCell SuperComp Trainer redefines a daily training shoe.


What to expect from New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer


  • Springy and bouncy ride
  • Comfortable upper with true-to-size fitting
  • Exceptional stability
  • Plenty of cushioning
  • It can be heavy for speed runs

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