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Puma Axelion NXT Review


  • Comfortable upper
  • True to size fitting
  • Versatile for all types of training
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Well-cushioned
  • Cool appearance


  • Lacks wide option to accommodate flat, wide-footed individuals


As Nike and Asics were flying high, Puma had become relatively dormant in relation to running shoes, especially before 2020. The year 2020 is the year Puma began its aggressive re-entry into the running shoe market. It released a variety of new running shoes that were competitive yet affordable. The Puma Axelion v1 is one of those shoes.

Puma Axelion v1 is popular a daily workout or trainer shoe. In 2020, its unique design caught the attention of many, and most customers were impressed with its amazing support and comfort. Its performance and comfort were beyond the pocket-friendly price; thus, Puma allowed many to enjoy a premium feel without hurting their pockets.

Puma Axelion v1 had a downside. Its comfort and performance were limited to some people. There were some complaints about the limited forefoot cushioning, which made it unsuitable for training involving jumps, sprints or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). There were also issues of tightness in the forefoot, especially for wide-footed runners. Breathability was another issue, particularly in the hot weather.

Puma was keen to make changes, and the new Puma Axelion NXT is a better version of its predecessor.


Puma Axelion NXT Upper Design and Fitting

                     Puma Axelion NXT Upper


Puma Axelion NXT features a premium design, snug, comfortable fitting and versatility. It has an updated breathable mesh comprising a lace-up closure lacing system for secure fitting. Puma updated the upper material. It is now a polyester fabric that dries quickly and doesn’t absorb much water instantly. It is also antimicrobial and antibacterial. The upper has a moulded PUMA Formstrip that exudes style and Puma’s distinctive appearance. It also offers support on the midfoot areas.

The tongue and heel collar is well padded to enhance comfort. The heel counter is stylish and functional. It is solid but not overly rigid and extends upwards, protecting the Achilles. The extension creates a low boot design. The heel counter is well padded in the insight with a soft lining. The foothold from heel to toe is terrific. Besides, Puma expanded the width. This shoe isn’t as narrow as the previous version. Therefore, there is sufficient room in the toe box while maintaining a snug fit.

The SoftFoam insole offers a well-cushioned footbed, and the fitting is true to size with no wide options.


    Puma Axelion NXT Midsole Midsole Design and Performance

           Puma Axelion NXT midsole


The midsole of Puma Axelion NXT comprises the compression-moulded EVA material that offers a combination of lightweight cushioning and shock absorption. The midsole foam is designed to offer improved performance by reducing ground impact and enhancing energy return. Therefore, there is improved efficiency per mile. The EVA heel pieces offer comfort during landing, particularly for a heel striker. The Axelion NXT offers significant support to those with high arch because of the TPU shank.

The TPU shank in the Axelion NXT refers to a supportive structure between the insole and outsole. It is located beneath the arch area to offer support and stability. The use of plastic is to ensure flexibility. TPU shank is a primary feature distinguishing Axelion NXT from most running shoes. Its enhanced support is why this shoe is versatile across various training activities, including gym, jumps and running.



Puma Axelion NXT Outsole


Puma Axelion NXT design comprises a split rubber, creating two separate components: the forefoot and the heel. Splitting the outsole rubber is meant to offer arch support and flexibility. The outsole is all rubber, making it one of the most durable running shoes. The traction is great on the road and dusty trail. Ride.


How Puma Axelion NXT Rides

Puma Axelion NXT has a smooth, responsive ride. The turnover is quicker and more efficient, making high paces exciting. It is lightweight enough for prolonged, easy running. They are stable during gym workouts. I even noticed a couple of guys in the gym wearing Axelion NXT.


Who needs Puma Axelion NXT?

Axelion NXT fits someone looking for a versatile training shoe for all indoor and outdoor training.

Puma fanatics can wear Axelion NXT as a casual outfit due to its cool design.


Who Shouldn’t Buy Puma Axelion NXT?

Axelion NXT doesn’t suit a wide-footed runner or an overpronator who needs more arch support.

                  Puma Axelion NXT heel


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   Kyle Parker is a gym trainer, runner, and shoe lover who enjoys everything to do with fitness and shoes. He deeply understands the relationship between the shoes you wear, your body, and how you run. 


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