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Tracksmith has been an apparel-producing company for years, but this year, it has broken the norm by releasing its first running shoe, Tracksmith Eliot Runner. It is a pleasant surprise from a company with no prior shoe-making experience. They must have been working on its first iteration for a long time because many things about Smith Eliot tick many boxes.

The overall design shows that Tracksmith did a lot of thinking and rethinking. A lot of effort has been exerted into the shoe design without forgetting the modicum of Tracksmith DNA. Indeed, anyone who has worn the Tracksmith apparel can admit they are awesome and classy.


Trucksmith eliot runner upper


The Tracksmith Eliot Runner’s upper exudes a classic and modern vibe. There is an aspect of grandeur radiated by the clean and streamlined white and off-white upper material, the spacer mesh lines, and the unique midfoot stripe.

The upper is incredibly designed. A strong mesh forms the outer construction to cover the inner bootie construction, attached to the gusseted tongue. The outer mesh is highly perforated to allow air to permeate inside the shoe and eradicate hot points. The tongue is generously padded to remove lace bites. Besides, Tracksmith Eliot Runner has large flat tubular laces that do less to enhance an already existing snug fitting, especially in the midfoot zone.

The laces are well crafted; thus, they add more beauty to the shoe. The heel flair collar extends upwards and has plenty of padding. The heel counter is relatively rigid and does provide sufficient lockdown. A Strip of off-white leather material holds the heel collar and stretches towards the top of the foot to function as eyelets and support.

The best thing about the upper is the thick embroidered PEBAX sock line that forms the footbed of this shoe. It is 10mm thick, amazingly soft, and bouncy, and it combines well with the upper mesh to provide a comfortable experience. The major downside I noticed is the low-cut ankle that creates a bit of wiggle. I attribute this to the elevating insole taking up space, which also explains the mesh touching the toes and the exerted pressure on top of the foot.

The sizing is also a problem. While my pair of Tracksmith fits true to size, there are complaints from some runners about the shoe running long. Some reported going for half size down or up to get the exact fitting. The good thing is that you are good to go once you get the correct fitting. I solved the loose ankle by using the extra lace hole.


Tracksmith Eliot Runner insole


Overall, the upper of the Track smith Eliot offers an exciting running experience. It is comfortable, snuggly, and with enough space where they need to be. Though the toe box has a pretty low construction, the inner lining is too plush to interfere with the big toe.


Tracksmith Midsole Design and Performance

Tracksmith Eliton midsole

The midsole is the most exciting part of Track Smith Eliot. It is a dual-density PEBAX midsole with a thick insole, about 10mm thick and softer than the lower PEBAX that forms the actual insole. The midsole’s sidewalls are concocted with a firm midsole coating to enhance stability and protection. The inner PEBAX midsole (insole) is pretty responsive, with a noticeable pop in the toe-off feel. It also offers a comfortable landing. The PEBAX insole is comparable to the one in some casual Gucci shoes.

The Pebax midsole and the 10mm PEBAX insole make a 33.5 heel stack height and 24.55mm in the forefoot. Hence, this shoe has a 9mm heel drop.

Track smith has a durable outsole rubber that can last hundreds of miles. The outsole can withstand a variety of terrains, including wet conditions. There is significant ground contact because of the form outsole.

The Tracksmith Eliot Runner is stylish for casual wear. It also suits a hybrid working environment whereby you wear it to work and then straight into running after work.

While the ride is somewhat firm, comfortable, and exciting, especially at moderate paces, the Tracksmith Eliot is not high paces compliant. It is not race ready; thus, it is entirely a daily trainer. Pure runners will rightly question the pricing due to the lack of an up-tempo dimension. There are cheaper shoes like the Saucony Tempus, ASICS Novablast, and Nike Invincible Flyknit that do a lot at reduced prices.  


Tracksmith Eliot Runner Outsole

Who Should Buy Tracksmith Eliot Runner?

The Track Smith Eliot falls within the daily trainer category. It can handle easy, short, and mid-range runs. Three to five miles or ten miles suits this shoe. I have done over ten miles with Tracksmith Eliot but realized it started feeling firm. Hence, exceeding 10 miles may invite some hotspots since the outsole is firm for long-distance running.

However, those who love ground contact-feel and a balance between squishiness and firmness will fall deeply in love with the Tracksmith Eliot. Additionally, the weight is suitable for a daily trainer. It is not chunky on foot but reasonably lightweight. Even with the microsuede overlays, double mesh, and gum sole outsole, the Tracksmith Runner weighs 260g, 9 0z oz for US 9(M).

Overall, there are a lot of details, craftsmanship, and quality employed in building the Tracksmith, and it explains the jacked-up price. This shoe is quality and beautiful, precisely what one should expect from Tracksmith.

Tracksmith eliot sideview


What to Expect from Tracksmith Eliot Runner


  • Elegant appearance
  • Secure fitting
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Smooth ride at moderate paces
  • Versatility: It  can be used for running, gym exercises and as casual wear
  • Suitable across terrains
  • Durability
  • Not responsive at high paces, and firm for long-distance running


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