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Adidas Adistar Review: A long-distance Cruiser

Published: January 7 2022

Adidas Adistar


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SCORE: 8.5/10

Weight: 318g /11.2 oz (US size9), women's 283g /10 oz (US size8)

Shoe type: Max cushioned shoe

Heel Drop:  6mm (7.5 mm / 31.5 mm)

Terrain: concrete, tarmac, and grass.

Pace: Slow



  • Well padded upper, comfortable with a sleek look
  • Secure fitting
  • Stable
  • Seamless rocker motion
  • Highly durable



  • The high stack height may be a turn off to some runners
  • Pretty heavy
  • Less versatile



The Adidas Adistar has been around for the longest time. It forms part of the traditional Adidas running shoe tiers comprising the basic response, technical supernova, and high Adistar lines. The Adistar is categorized as a cushioned Adidas running shoe with larger crash pads and durable outsoles, distinguishing it from the supernovas. Note that the Adistar is Supernova's big brother.

The return of the Adistar model is an attempt to bring the traditional norm of categorizing Adidas running shoes into varying levels to meet the varying needs of runners. Hence, congratulations to Adidas for their ability to understand the market and ensure that the traditional (old school) Adidas feel does not fade away.

Eight years ago, Adidas had the Adistar Boost, characterized by a lower stack, streamlined upper, and an old-school look. The return of the Adidas Adistar can be regarded as ground-breaking. Currently, Adistar is the biggest surprise pulled by Adidas. The transformation is immense, and Adidas was so intentional with the Adistar this time round. 

Adidas was primarily inspired by perpetual motion, the motion of an object, like a bicycle wheel that persists nonstop. Adidas has stated that it targets runners who love going the extra miles with ease on its official website. There is no doubt that Adidas pulled it off.

Take Away

 Though it looks clunky, Adidas Adistar is surprisingly lightweight on foot, exceptionally stable, and rides somewhat soft. It performs well in long-distance running, but only when you keep the pace slow and easy. The pronounced rocker will push you forward to create a perpetual motion.


Adidas Adisatr Front view


Instant Impression of Adidas Adistar 

Adistar Boost is one of the shoes I admire. It ranked high before the inception of more advanced Adidas running shoes. I loved the sleek, streamlined upper, support, and responsiveness. Even though it appears like a shadow of its former self, the new Adistar is a shoe I looked forward to having after its official release.

It is a shoe you won't ignore in a shoe store because it radiates curiosity. The three Adidas lines on both sides are prominent and sleek. The new Adistar looks fresh considering that Adidas deviated from the traditional knit fabric to engineered mesh which is softer and highly perforated. The most noticeable trait is a Hoka One One DNA in the Adistar, a robust upper and high stack midsole with a pronounced rocker.

Comfort is what I expected from the thickly padded upper. The inner lining brings a feeling of relaxation because it cradles the foot. There are spaces in the right places making it less restrictive, and stability was satisfying.

I took it out for a run to cure my curiosity about its performance. It didn't feel heavy, and the ride was smooth and somehow soft. The rocker motion was sensational at a slow pace but somehow faded when I turned up the pace. Still, I had a decent running time of seven and half minutes per mile, and I easily raked up a 10k on the first day.


Adidas Adistar Upper Component

Adidas Adistar Upper


The Adidas Adistar has a robust upper made of the engineered mesh, akin to what you will find in the Adidas Solarboost 3. I find the upper stylish. It has a Hoka-like structure, but with Adidas's DNA. The mesh upper is also thick but highly perforated, especially in the toe box.

Even with the roomy toe box, the highly padded upper combines well with the ghillie lacing system to provide a snug-fitting. I am excited that Adidas went for flat laces, which are excellent at enhancing a lockdown and reducing pressure on top of the foot, instead of round laces.

The upper has a snugly fitting, so hardly re-adjust the lacing system with the highly padded upper. However, the laces are a touch short, especially when utilizing the last eyelet. It may cause problems for someone who loves runner's knot. Still, it is not a concern because the fitting and lockdown are apparent even without adjusting the laces.

I noticed that the heel counter appears small from an outer look. However, this is not the case since the heel sinks into the shoe, allowing the like heel counter to give the heel the rightly needed support.

Besides, the inner lining at the back ensures that I do not experience rubbing in the Achilles. Adidas has ensured that the entire heel collar has significant cushioning. It wraps nicely around the foot to provide a snug-fitting.

Adidas was also tremendously generous with cushioning. The thick tongue and collar establish an enveloping feel around the foot. The dense mesh also wraps well around to create a hug-like feel. The tongue is thickly padded, almost as thick as my middle finger, with soft fabric lining to enhance comfort.

The entire shoe's inner lining is made of a soft fabric. Hence, there is no doubt about comfort when wearing the Adistar. Adidas complemented this inner lining with a cushy insole. I love how the midsole dispels the ground impact from the firm heel, making the ride somehow easy.

Overall, the upper design is spot-on. The thick padding is meant to keep a runner's foot comfortable and refreshing over a long-running period. The rigid heel counter, midfoot cage, and hugging mesh combine well to enhance snug fit and overall stability. The upper design is generally cool, making the Adistar good for casual wear.


Adidas Adistar Sole Component 

Adidas Adisatr Midsole

The chunky midsole of the Adistar comprises two forms: The REPETITOR and the REPETITOR plus. The REPETITOR is the softer foam and runs through underneath the foot, from the forefoot to the heel. The REPETITOR foam on the heel is firm, and the firmness is evident by a mere touch. The idea of placing the REPETITOR foam around the heel is to support the highly stacked heel. It also helps retain stability as the soft REPETITOR foam breaks in.

Due to the high midsole stack, Adidas also undertook other measures to guarantee stability. There are reinforcements in every part of the shoe. For instance, Apart from the REPETITOR plus form in the heel, the Adistar has a heel bevel that counters overpronation while bringing an element of stability to the shoe. Adidas also compensated the chunky midsole with a broad outsole base to enhance stability. I must admit that I was confident with every stride because I didn't feel my foot trying to roll.

I have run up to 80 miles with the Adistar, whereby I tried a couple of runs, including the 10ks and fast paces. Still, I have to admit that the Adistar performs as intended. It is great at slow and easy runs. Despite the chunkiness, the Adistar runs light and excellent. I didn't feel the heavyweight under my foot. The REPETITOR foam is just a touch firm and pretty mushy like Nike's React foam, thus exceptionally comfortable for long-distance running.  

I noted that the Adistar is not super cushioned. It is nothing close to the Novablast or the Puma Nitro, which have a softer ride. Even with a little softness, the Adistar lacks snappiness. Still, the midsole rolls seamlessly, making running desirable and somehow fun, especially when you maintain a slow pace over a long-distance. The rocker offers an apparent forward motion, creating a perpetual motion over a long-running distance.

I tried turning up the pace to see how it would perform in a 400 meters run, and I was still impressed. The ride was very natural, and the turnover felt quite right. Even though it is not an ideal shoe for such races, you can still run fast in an Adistar during my regular training. However, it takes some effort to run first because it is built for slow runs. I may use the Adistar to build endurance and switch to the Endorphin speed to test my actual speed.


Adidas Adistar Outsole


As always, it is hard to fault Adidas's outsole designs. Adidas did not splash the continental rubber all over the outsole but placed it strategically to enhance the stability and performance of the shoe. The designers carved out a chunk of the exposed midsole. The curving starts almost at the edge of the forefoot and ends at the heel.  

The continental rubber around the midfoot and forefoot also form a fin-like pattern to make the midsole more forgiving while protecting it from abrasion.

I found Adistar to be stable even on wet surfaces and when negotiating corners. I also noticed that running on uneven surfaces or gravel felt quite unnatural compared to running on a flat surface. The logic is that a flat road surface offers a full ground contact, allowing the rocker midsole to make a complete rollover from the heel to toe. I advise you to consider running on a flat surface if you want a good rocker effect from Adistar.

Besides, stones got stacked between the spaces, and I feared that they would compromise the midsole's durability. Nevertheless, Adistar is built to last a long period of running. The foam is quite firm, does not break in easily, and is protected by the robust continental rubber.

Overall, Adistar is an ideal shoe for slow-distance running despite the chunkiness. It is not heavy and has an element of the soft ride. The greatest takeaways are the comfort and the perpetual motion that compels one to keep running. Stability is also guaranteed with Adistar.


Final Thoughts

Adidas Adisatr Side View


The Adistar outdid itself. Despite the domineering appearance and the significant weight, the shoe runs lighter and feels small. It rides quite softer, and the transition from heel to toe is seamless. It has a Hoka feel.  

Adidas is a shoe built for a specific purpose; easy miles. It is an excellent option for someone looking for a quite firm max-cushioned running shoe and is much into easy long runs. 

Mark you, it is comfortable, protective, and rides easy. The good news is you can fetch the Adistar at a fair price, considering that it is built to last hundreds of miles more than any shoe I can think of.

The Adistar is a good option for Skechers Maxroad 5, which I find lighter and more versatile as a daily trainer shoe. But I regard the Adistar as a long-distance cruiser because of the perpetual motion it creates. You feel like wanting to keep running with the Adistar. The Adistar also fits as casual wear.


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By Dick Harrison 

Harrison is an Australian who lives in Sidney. He trains for fitness and does it like a pro. Harrison has the experience of running in various running shoes and understands the technology behind each shoe model he has worn.

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