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Adidas Response Super 3.0 review

Adidas Response Super 3.0 is one of the budget-friendly running shoes that offer close to premium comfort and performance.

It has a breathable mesh upper that offers sufficient air flow to keep the feet fresh during running.

The perforations are on the toe box and each side of the shoe. Besides, there is sufficient padding around the heel collar and the tongue with a soft inner sock liner, which feels amazingly soft and nice around the foot. The lining is also breathable.


Adidas Super Response 3 upper


The padding in the tongue is enough to protect the foot from the lace pressures. The generous padding around the collar also provides sufficient ankle comfort and support.

The insole is padded and has a soft texture, creating a comfortable footbed. Besides, the insole is removable, allowing a runner to use customized insoles.

The upper construction is streamlined and roomy, especially around the toe box. 

Still, the lockdown is terrific from the heel to the forefoot.

The half-heel counter helps hold the foot in place as soon as you dial the laces correctly. There is no chance for heel slippage, too.

The Response Super Adidas 3.0 has a regular fit. It fits true to size for me in my US size 11. The comfort is fantastic. It feels soft and lovely. It also looks beautiful on the foot.


Adidas Response Super 3.0 Sole Unit Design and Performance


Adidas Super Response 3 midsole


The midsole is made of the Bounce Plus midsole foam. I was surprised with the level of cushioning and bounce after 6 miles of break-in. The Bounce+ midsole foam in the Adidas Super Response 3.0 feels soft. The bounce is noticeable with each stride.

 I love the stability created by the flaring midsole. There is also an amazing arch support. Hence, Response Super 3.0 is supportive and stable.

The rubber outsole also enhances support and durability. It has an excellent grip.

The outsole rubber is also thick, so the shoe doesn’t bend easily. However, the designers were careful enough not to eradicate the bounce or springy feel when running.


Adidas Super Response 3 Outsole


The performance is decent. TheResponse Super 3 still gets the job done. It rides somewhat between soft and firm with a good bounce. I’d rate softness as five out of ten. Hence, I find it suitable for short runs, nothing more than a 5K, because it is pretty heavy and less cushioned for long runs. The Adidas Response Super 3 weighs 12.2 ounces (347 grams). Hence, it sits on the heavier side.


Adidas super response 3 heel


How should you Use Adidas Response Super 3.0?

The best way to enjoy the budget-friendly Response  Super 3 is to use it for daily short runs or as an everyday walking shoe.

They are also solid enough to handle gym workouts.

Though a simple design, it looks pretty and matches several casual outfits.

Most importantly, the Adidas Super Response 3.0 is a go-to shoe for a beginner runner who has a tight budget. It gets the job done.




Reviewed by Herbert McCollum

Herbert, from Texas, has a passion for fitness and eyes for footwear. He has a background in sports journalism and much experience in fitness, thus offering a blend of real-world testing and technical expertise on shoe matters. Herbart considers performance, comfort, style, and durability in shoe reviews, offering valuable resources for casual runners and seasoned athletes.


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