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Puma Electrify Nitro 3 Review

I keep emphasizing that Puma has reinvented itself and emerged as a shoe brand that consistently treats its running consumers with new running shoe technology. The most important takeaway from Puma is that it offers a premium running experience at an affordable price. The Puma Electrify series is a budget-friendly line, just like the Asics Content, Excite, and Venture series. The difference is that the PUMA Electrify 3 is more progressive and advanced yet priced at $100 price range.

My experience with the Puma Magnify Electrify 2 is fantastic. It was my first opportunity to get a feel of the PROFOAMFLITE, the PUMA's midsole foam. Its softness has yet to diminish despite doing over 280 miles in them. I can still feel the soft and responsive toe off..

It is why I couldn't let the new Electrify 3 pass me. Why do you think I should let a chance to rip off PUMA pass me? I say rip off because the Electrify 3 is an improved version of its previous model, costing under $100 on Amazon. The previous model now goes for less than $70. You see?


      Puma Electrify Nitro 3 Upper Design and Fitting




The engineered mesh upper is adequately breathable, with a roomy toe box for the toes to splay naturally. The upper design looks streamlined and well-structured. There is adequate padding in the heel collar and tongue. I love the TPU heel spoiler that gives a security assurance at the back. The heel counter is solid, with no slippage issues to report. Besides, the heel counter has a better design than the previous version. It is stylish!

Overall, I love the revamped upper. It fits true-to-size and is breathable, comfortable, and stylish. 


Puma Electrify Nitro 3 Nitro 3 Sole Unit Design and Performance


What excites me most about PUMA Electrify 2 is the full-length PROFOAMFLITE beefy midsole foam, which ensures a soft feel from heel to toe. It has a seamless heel-to-toe rollover and significant responsiveness. Puma also broadened the outsole platform to counter the soft midsole, ensuring stability.

However, Puma has made the Electrify 3 even better. Instead of the full-length soft PROFOAMFLITE foam, it has a dual midsole foam combining the NITROFOAM in the heel and PROFOAMFLITE through the midfoot to the forefoot. The introduction of NITROFOAM is meant to enhance support while maintaining cushioning during landing. At the same time, PROFOAMFLITE offers a soft and responsive takeoff. You'll even notice that it is more responsive in the heel than in the previous version, thanks to the Nitro foam.

There is a significant difference in the ride between Electrify 2 and 3. While the previous version rides soft and responsive, the junky midsole and the high 8.5mm heel drop is noticeable. On the contrary, the Puma Magnify Electrify 3 rides slightly firmer, more responsive, and faster than its predecessor. I attribute this to the reduced weight, heel drop (8mm), and responsive Nitro foam in the heel.

Puma also retained the slightly tapering forefoot, which combines with the flexible forefoot to create a seamless heel-to-toe transition.    

Puma retained its most reliable and popular PUMAGRIP outsole. However, there is a well-thought-out pattern. The forefoot is entirely covered with the outsole rubber, except the medial longitudinal arch area is significantly exposed. The outsole rubber layer is not too thick, but as usual, the traction is fantastic across terrains, and durability is guaranteed.

I have done 143 miles, and there is no sign of wear. I am enjoying my runs. 


 Puma Electrify Nitro 3 Performance

PUMA Electrify Nitro 3 provides an improved tempo run performance. It is much faster and lighter than Electrify 2. It is more exciting at a moderate pace and distance (5k runs). The ride feels effortless and peppy until I try to push beyond 10 miles. It also performs fine in gym training. Hence, Puma Electrify Nitro 3 feels like a typical daily trainer. It is energetic and stable. I suggest restricting it to regular training miles and avoiding long-distance running. At longer miles, it becomes pretty sluggish. Try the Magic Speed 3 and see if you won't fall for it. 

Note that Electrify Nitro 3 is a neutral running shoe. It is for neutral runners, not those needing significant support, such as overpronators.

The Electrify Nitro 3 works excellently as a casual, everyday walking shoe. I rock them regularly. 


   What to expect from Puma Electrify Nitro 3



  • Improved Upper design (Stylish look)
  • Snug-fitting upper for one with a regular foot size.
  • Enhanced support in the heel
  • Versatility
  • Soft underfoot ride
  • Amazing grip
  • Faster than its predecessor
  • Reduced heel drop (by 0.5mm)







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