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Adidas Supernova Rise Review


  • Stylish look
  • Amazing comfort
  • Sooth heel-to-toe transitions
  • Supportive upper and platform
  • Grippy outsole rubber
  • Squishy and responsive ride for moderate speeds



  • It can feel clunky for some


  Take Away

    Adidas Supernova Rise is a daily training shoe that ticks almost all boxes. It has a perfect mix of firmness and softness. 


 SCORE: 9.3/10

 Weight: 274g /9.6oz US9 (M) and 245 g/8.6 oz US 8 (W) 

 Stack Height: 35.5 mm, 25.5 mm

 Heel drop: 10mm  

 Shoe Type: Daily Training Shoe

 Cushioning: Balance/responsive

 Use Daily miles, casual jogging, easy runs, tempo runs, and marathon efforts.



The Supernova series is an old running shoe line by Adidas. They were my favorite daily training shoes, especially the Adidas Glide Boost Supernova. I loved the retro style, structure, and stability. However, along the way, it was overtaken by several exciting shoes and lost its mojo. Recently, Adidas has been doing a great job of reviving this brand. Hence, I think Adidas thought of the name “Supernova Rise.”

Indeed, it has risen because it has extraordinary features that make it one of the top daily trainers to go to. The Supernova Rise has the first-ever Dreamstrike+ midsole foam. The shoe has many exciting things, but let’s delve into the upper first. 


      Adidas Supernova Rise Upper Design and Fitting



 The Supernova Rise is about comfort. Hence, the upper design is meant to attain this objective. Adidas used a breathable mesh material and generous padding to make this happen. The upper material is far from premium. Instead, Adidas relied on a standard stretchy mesh material to make things happen. There is enough padding in the tongue and extra padding in the heel collar, which does well to eliminate potential heel slippage. The design is practical since there are no concerns about rubbing on the Achilles.

The Adidas logo on both sides is for aesthetics and functional purpose. They radiate style and, at the same time, provide structure. The toe box has a fantastic structure. Hence, the mesh does not rub against the top of the toes. There is also room for the toes to splay out naturally.

The heel cup is solid but not restrictive. It created an excellent heel lock.

The Supernova Rise fits true to size and is comfortable from heel to toe. It feels more than a daily training shoe. You can use it as a casual shoe. 


    Adidas Supernova Rise Midsole Design and Performance



The midsole is the most significant selling point for Adidas Supernova Rise. The midsole features the Dreamstrike midsole foam that is lighter than the Boost foam and softer than the Lightstrike. The Dreamstrike+ midsole will rub shoulders with other popular midsole foam such as ZoomX, Nitro foam, and Flytefoam Blast Plus in 2024. It is squishy with a little bit of snap for a lively running experience.

Adidas also embedded the EVA Support Rod System just above the outsole and below soft Dreamstrike+ foam to foam a base layer for the Dreamstrike+ and provide the needed stability. The support system combines well with the wide platform to assure runners adequate stability and smooth heel-to-toe transitions. 

The giant bevel also helps with a forward motion through the gait cycle more smoothly. 

The continental abrasive rubber covers a significant part of the outsole. It lives up to its reputation to offer stability across the terrain.




The new midsole foam is exciting and suitable for daily training. It is soft and quite responsive. However, the 10mm heel drop makes the Adidas Supernova Rise quite bulky. I can use it to rack up miles, but not for fast workouts. The Adizero lineup, such as Boston 12 or Adios 8, is better at such races. I also love that Supernova Rise is not too bouncy or too squishy.

 It is stable, yet it is not a stability shoe. Hence, it is exactly how I want my daily training shoe to be: relatively fast, lightweight, comfortable, squishy, and responsive. Note that Supernova Rise is heavy for speed workouts.

 It is 0.3 ounces lighter than the Saucony Rise 17 men’s US size 9 but pretty bulkier than the Ride 17, which also has an 8mm heel drop, not 10mm. Interestingly, the Adidas Rise Supernova has a noticeable heel drop, like in the Saucony Triumph 21.


Final Thoughts

The Adidas Supernova Rise is a comfortable daily training shoe with a plush midsole, accommodating upper, and supportive platform. It is not the most responsive everyday training shoe. Still, it offers a premium feel and exciting ride over a long distance. It can do a lot, including tempo runs, casual joggings, 5k, or marathon efforts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit those who prefer lightweight minimalist daily training shoes and speed training. 


            Adidas Supernova Upper Rise


       Score Out of 10

        Comfort:      9        (The upper fits true-to-size, and the platform is wide to compensate for the high stack height)

        Ride:            9         (The ride is lively and smooth).

       Style:            9         (Though not a retro styling, the modern style can turn necks)

       Value:           8         (I fear for the exposed rubber, but it can hold up well on the road).


Reviewd By Kyle Parker

Parker is a gym trainer, runner, and shoe lover who enjoys everything to do with fitness and shoes. He deeply understands the relationship between the shoes you wear, your body, and how you run.

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