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Asics Glideride 2 Review


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SCORE: 9/10

Weight: 10oz for men 8.1 oz for women

Heel Drop: 5mm

Type: Training shoe



  • Rockered midsole with plate smooth heel-to-toe transition and snappy toe-off
  • Fits to size
  • Exceptionally breathable
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Roomy toe box


  • Because of the abrasive rockered midsole, it takes some miles to get used to running with it.
  • Quite heavy
  • Ride is firm


Take Away 

When the Glideride 1 came out, it attracted many fans. Straight away, many people fell in love with it. However, it came with a few shortcomings. Hence, the Asics Glideride 2 comes with significant changes. For instance, Asics has done away with the abrasive upper of the Glideride 1 and replaced it with a smooth, comfortable single mesh upper.

The Glideride 2 also comes with a rockered midsole and more abrasive treads in the outsole for an enhanced ride and stability. It is a solid trainer, versatile and durable shoe. The midsole is neither soft nor firm, thus expect a firm ride. Furthermore, the rockered forefoot guarantees you a unique running experience. It keeps you going through the miles at a quite first tempo because the heel-to-toe transition has been made easier.


Asics Glideride 2 Upper First Impression

The Asics Glideride 2 feels solid just by holding them in the hands. The midsole is firm and does not bend easily. The moment I slipped my foot into the shoe, I felt a comfortable, snug fit. It has a roomy toe box, especially at the tip of the toes. The upper mesh hugs the foot perfectly.

The first few miles with the Glideride 2 felt unnatural and weird. It took me about ten miles to get used to it. Afterward, the running experience was exciting.  

Glideride 2 comes with a firm ride experience. The rockered forefoot increases toe-off, and it makes you feel like wanting to keep running nonstop.

You can rack up longer miles with Glideride2.


Asics Glideride 2 Sole Component


The intention behind the Glideride 2 is to create a cushioned and efficient training shoe.

The Glideride 2 uses the GUIDESOLE rocker technology. The midsole extends upwards, thus allowing the foot to sit in the midsole. It guides the foot to its natural position during running, especially for an overpronator. It works well with the snug-fitting upper to enhance stability by locking the foot to one place.

The midsole is made of the lightweight FlyteFoam material. It is quite a standard material because I did not notice or feel anything like gel cushioning. It is neither soft nor hard but enough cushioning to protect the foot from ground impact and provide stability by holding the rocker shape.

It has an abrasive rockered midsole at the forefoot (toe box curving upwards) and just a little bit rockered at the heel. The rockered midsole helps in reducing the stress on the ankles while enhancing heel to forefoot transition. It lets the knee do more of the work during propulsion, thus a relief to someone who has problems in the Achilles tendon or someone who has poor mobility of the big toe. Essentially, the rocker shape forefoot of the Glideride 2 is meant to increase the rolling of the toes by mimicking the toe movement and reducing stress on the toes. Hence, the Glideride 2 is an economical shoe.

I noticed the stiffness at the forefoot. It does not break-in. Asics placed a plate through the forefoot to ensure that the rockered forefoot is solid enough to perform its role. The plate is positioned almost at the outsole of the shoe. It helps push you forwards during propulsion by creating a motion equivalent to a rocking chair. The toe spring helps generate quick foot strikes.

Running in the Glideride 2 somehow came across as a stiff ride and quite unstable during the first few miles. I think it is because I shifted from the traditional midsole to a rockered one. I could feel additional work on the calf. The stiff ride is also because the shoe does not break in. Hence, I may not recommend this shoe to a beginner because of this strange ride unless he or she has Achilles tendons or ankle problems.


 However, I got used to it easy after a few miles, certainly with the plate's help in the forefoot. The heel-to-toe transition became moderately seamless with time. Still, I remained convinced that Glideride 2 is for a firm ride. Besides, the more you get used to it, the more unusual fun you experience when running in a Glideride 2.

It will require several miles for the midsole to break in because of its stiffness.

In the outsole is the AHARPLUS™ rubber. It does well in enhancing traction and stability in addition to protecting the midsole from abrasion. The pattern in the outsole is not as smooth as it is in the Glideride 1. Hence, I felt more confident running with the Glideride 2.


Asics Glideride 2 Upper Component


Asics made a significant change in the upper. The upper of the Glideride 2 is not as thick as the Glideride 1. The Glideride 1 has thick padding in the collar in addition to having a dense double engineered mesh. The engineered mesh in the Glideride 2 adjusts to the size of the foot. It hugs the foot perfectly to give the right fit. It is also incredibly soft, breathable, and more forgiving than the mesh in the Glideride 1. The collar is not plush but highly cushioned.

Asics has slimmed down the upper part of the Glideride 2 to make the shoe suit its purpose. The upper is thinner, more breathable, and roomy than in the Asics Glideride 1. I could feel spaces at the tip of the toe, and the width gave me a perfect snug fit. I felt the side of the toe touching the mesh but not in a restrictive way. The spacing from the heel to toes is not a concern because the excellent lacing system ensures that you get that snug fit. It fits true to size.  

The tongue is not thick but has just enough cushioning to keep the foot comfortable. However, I wish it was gusseted. Still, this does not affect the fit in the wrong way.

The Asics logo on the side also helps provide structure, while the inner lining around the toes gives the toe box an excellent structure and protects the toes from abrasion.

The Glideride 2 has laces with reflective features that add frills to the shoe. Its heel counter is exceptionally solid yet not restrictive. Therefore, I did not experience heel slippage when running.




The Glideride 2 is a shoe that performs well regardless of the weight. You will not feel the 10 oz when running in this shoe. It feels lighter than that. It is an excellent daily trainer shoe. Most importantly, it is a versatile shoe for short, fast, and long-distance runs, but performs best on a long-distance marathon. The midsole is not too soft but works well to give you enough cushioning and extra support. It takes several miles for the midsole to break in. For this reason, it is a perfect shoe for someone looking for firmer runs.

The Glideride 2 is not for slow runs because the plate under the forefoot quickens transition. Overall, it is an excellent trainer shoe, versatile, cushioned, durable, and affordable. Its rocker midsoles offer a unique running experience for racking up longer miles.


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Written by: Peter Miller, a running enthisiast.






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