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Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Review


SCORE: 8/10                                               (Feb 13, 2021)

Weight: 10.0 0z

Heal-to-toe drop: 10 MM

Shoe Type: Stability

Surface: Road and trail


  • Stylish
  • Responsive
  • Sufficiently cushioned


  • Quite bulky
  • less roomy toe box if you have wide feet
  • Somehow heavy 

Take Away

Apart from the stylish look, the Pegasus Trail 2 has combined features for both training and road use. It has thick Nike React foam midsole cushioning to boost cushioning and responsiveness. The outsole looks gigantic. This model is specifically designed for trail running but works perfectly on-road than on the trail. It can also be used as casual wear.

Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Instant Impression

The Pegasus Trail 2 adds to the log list of the Nike Pegasus series. The first impression is the mint material in the upper and the load-up sole. However, the first impression most wears reported was that Pegasus Trail 2 is less roominess in the toe box. This came from those who have wide feet. For some runners, it appears wide at the forefoot but quite shorter hence less roomy.

Such a report is not unusual considering that Nike has a reputation for making arrow shape-like toe box designs. However, for a narrow-footed runner, the foot slips perfectly into the shoe.

 Also, the Pegasus Trail 2 feels quite heavy despite the React Foam midsole's excellent cushioning. It weighs 10 oz, thus, heavier than the Nike Pegasus 36 (8.4oz) and one of the best maximalist running shoes, Hoka One One Clifton 6 (which weighs 9.1 ounces).

However, something you cannot take away from the Pegasus Trail 2 is the relaxed underfoot experience. This is because of the React foam midsole, which also offers excellent responsiveness to compensate for the additional weight.

There is a mixture of positive and negative responses regarding Nike Pegasus's performance on the trail and road. The high stack midsole and the React Foam, without a doubt, have made this shoe very comfortable and easy to run with on the road.

Many clients reported comfort and a smooth ride on the road, but a mixture of positive and negative responses dominated the trail section. What comes clear is that apart from the superb breathable upper, the heel-neck and tongue are less padded to prove maximum support.

Besides, the heel counter is less rigid. For this reason, about 50% of online responses were unsatisfied with Pegasus's stability on the trial. The respondents pegged their reason on major features like the broad foot, less snug fit at the forefoot, and quite constricting rim at the toe area.

Hence, we recommend that Pegasus Trail 2 be used on the road running or less steep trail with small uneven terrain because of its unsure stability on trails.

 Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Sole Component


The immensely stack midsole combines with a wide, flared base to give a dominant feel, stability, and excellent ground clearance. 
The midsole is made of React foam to provide a smooth, bouncy ride and excellent energy return during foot strike. The thick React Foam also offers enough stiffness to enhance stability as well as protection on the trails.

The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 has carbon rubber extending from the heel zone to the forefoot zone to offer traction and stability. The carbon rubber rises upwards to form a rim around the toe zone to protect the toes from abrasion or injury. The rubber rim also protects the upper layer from abrasion during running.

Despite the added weight, the shoe's responsiveness is excellent on a flat surface. However, the soft upper compromises stability and responsiveness, more so when running on a trail. Probably you should consider buying Nike Pegasus Trail 2 for road running but not trail running.

The lugs (raised cutout treads) offer better traction on the road but quite slippery on sloppy, rocky, or muddy terrains. 


Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Upper Component


The upper layer is made of breathable mesh with a polychloroprene tongue. At the toe area is a toe bumper, which gives the shoe structure. By providing structure, it creates space to make a roomier forefoot zone. The perforated upper ensures that your foot is dry and cool.

The width and overall height of the Pegasus Trail 2 are much greater than Pegasus 37 and Pegasus 36.

The rear part of the shoe is a faux gaiter from the lateral sides of the ankle, and a pull tab slightly above the heel counter is sewn into it to hold down your heel when running. The pull tab also makes the shoe easy to take off.

The faux gaiter's purpose is to stop sand, dust, and pebbles from getting into the shoe. The lacing is very secure.

The neoprene padded heel counter feels comfortable around the heels. However, due to the lack of a strong heel counter and soft upper, Pegasus Trail 2 feels less stable when running on a trail.




The Pegasus Trail 2 possesses a functional design. It is designed for road and trail running shoes. It is evident by the outsole lugs, which are big and Omni-directional for trail use but have a flat-topped design to maintain a neutral feel on the road.
The balance fit between train and road use is founded on the “bike tire” idea.

Despite targeting the trail market, Pegasus Trail 2 performs better on-road than on steep, uneven, and sleeper trails. One can comfortably use it on the road running.
Nevertheless, Pegasus is very comfortable and can also work best as a casual shoe. 

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