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Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Review


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SCORE: 9/10

Weight: 9 ounces

Heel Drop: 8mm

Shoe Type: Stability



  • Excellently lightweight and well cushioned
  • High and soft foam stacks for stable and responsive feel
  • Rocker sole for smooth transition
  • Wide enough to accommodate those with wide feet
  • Upper mess is very breathable
  • It is durable



  • The heel collar has loose-fitting, which makes it lose snug feet, and this can be frustrating to some runners
  • It starts very tight when new, but the comfort will come after some time
  • It is quite expensive, but its quality justifies the price 


Take Away

The audacious Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit is a perfect shoe if you have weak ankles or experiencing overpronation. It is a stability shoe with stability features. The midsole has more cushioning to give a springy and soft gait as well as pushing you through extra running miles.


Nike React infinity run fly Instant Impression 

Nike React infinity run fly is a carbon-plated racing shoe with a superb midsole cushioning that makes it springy and perfect for a smooth ride.

This shoe is meant to give an athlete a smooth ride while protecting the athlete from picking an injury. It has a high arch shoe support in the form of a guide rail for keeping the foot in place when running furthermore controlling pronation.

Nike React infinity run fly does not correct but controls pronation. The horseshoe-shaped rubber rail on the heel zones of the shoe significantly prevents overpronation and provides stability. 

It has a rocker-shaped midsole for seamless heel-to-toe transition and a wide base for enforcing stability with every footstrike. The rocker sole also reduces ankle-joint motion, which causes ankle problems.

Nike React infinity Run Fly is Comparable to many excellently cushioned and protective shoes like the Brooks Addiction 14, Brooks Glycerin 17, New Balance 1080v10, Hoka's Clifton 7, Bondi, and Gaviota 2; ASICS Gel Nimbus 18, Addidas Ultra Boost, and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20. 

Nike's decision to make the Nike React infinity run fly was triggered by their desire to make a running shoe that can drastically eradicate injuries among athletes. Hence, the introduction of this audacious Nike model has been hailed by many runners across all quarters. The efficacy of this shoe has been tested, and it is clear that the features like the horseshoe-like heels are working well to confirm Nike's real intention. 

Nike React infinity run fly has received fair enough praises for being light, soft, and springy shoes for a quick run. However, some athletes have questioned its stability, considering that it has a loose heel neck, which takes away the needed snug fit. 

The heel collar may be a deal-breaker, but the entire shoe design, soft cushioning, wide midsole, breathable upper, and rocker sole makes Nike React infinity run fly to score highly.

Nike React infinity run fly Sole Componet

 react infinity run flyknit SOLE COMPONENT

Nike React infinity run fly is much lighter than the Addidas Ultra Boost.
The sole is made of React Foam of 8mm heel drop to give a smooth ride. The midsole and outsole are also rockered to provide a seamless foot strike.

The outsole has a thin rubber that offers traction and support on any running surface, and it doesn’t wear out easily.


Nike React infinity run Upper Component

 react infinity run flyknit UPPER PSD

The upper part of the Nike-React infinity run fly features a three-layered knit material called Flyknit Loft. It is very breathable and durable. Even when running in hot weather, the mesh ensures that your feet are dry. The knit material also stretches to allow natural splaying of the toes.

The downside is that one has to tie the laces up to gain a snug fit because of the loose heel collar. However, the pressure from the tight lacing can be uncomfortable. With a loose-like heel collar, the plastic guide rail at the heel counter's foot does not seem to offer additional support. Nike should work on the heel collar to enhance stability.



 react infinity run flyknit OUTSOLE PSD

Overall, the Nike React Infinity Run Fly is an excellent running shoe for any neutral runner or someone looking for stability. It comes with frills and stability. Since it is exceptionally cushioned and lightweight, you can quickly rack up long miles. It is also a versatile running shoe. You can take it for long runs or short runs. However, because of the carbon plate, Nike React Infinity Run Fly performs best with speed runs. You can also take it on a trade mill. Hence, it is a go-for running shoe for someone looking for stability, comfort, and speed.


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