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Nike Zoom Fly 3 review: Cross Training Running Shoe


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score: 8/10

Weight: 9 oz

Heel Drop: 10 mm

Shoe Type: Daily trainer


  • Magnificent cushioning
  • Roomy forefoot area to allow the toes to splay naturally
  • It has carbon fiber plates, which give a snappy feel making it an excellent shoe for sprinting
  • Comfortable Vapor Weave upper
  • It is durable
  • Excellent traction


  • The heel neck and heel counter lack enough support.
  • Quite expensive


Take Away

The vapor weave on the upper is lightweight, and this has lowered the weight of this shoe significantly to make it a perfect maximalist shoe for sprinting. The fiber carbon gives a snappy feeling at a quick pace. This is to say that Nike Zoom Fly 3 has Nike premium features yet affordable.


Nike Zoom Fly 3 Instant Impressions

The Nike Zoom fly is an embodiment of Nike's knack for innovation. It is a multipurpose shoe. It can be for weekday training in the gym or weekend racing.

The inner sole is an ultra-durable Nike React and carbon fiber plate for high energy return. The two features make the Zoom fly 3 a perfect maximalist shoe for fast running since they help push you forward. The Nike React Foam at the midsole is a combination of springy and cushiness. It offers excellent toe-to-heel cushioning.

 Apart from comfort and durability, the magnificent cushioning increases energy return and helps you run more miles at a fast pace. It also offers sufficient stability at the propulsion phase. Furthermore, because of its featherweight, the carbon fiber also offers sufficient breathability.

The Nike Zoom Fly 3 is comparable to Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit, Addidas AdiZero Boston 9, Reebok Floatride Run, and Mizuno Wave Tonic.

Nike Zoom Fly 3 has a wide toe area for comfort, specifically if you have wide feet. Basically, it offers room for natural foot swelling, a common phenomenon during an extended period of running or exercising. Hence, Nike Zoom fly fits anyone running full or half marathons.

A Secure, Snug Fit

The upper part is a Vapor Weave fabric (a woven mesh that looks sheer). It is paper-thin, absorbs less water allows for air circulation, especially when doing long-distance running.

Besides, the vapor weave is light in weight to reduce the shoe's overall weight, making it a perfect maximalist shoe for sprinting. In addition, the fiber carbon gives a snappy feeling at a quick pace.


Nike Zoom Fly 3 Sole Component



The mid-sole of the Zoom Fly 3 is more stacked up with React foam and comes with a lower heel drop of 10mm to 8mm. The excellent part about the sole is that it has a carbon plate running from the heel to forefoot zones. The carbon plate is responsible for the snappy ride.

The hard rubber in the heel, midfoot, and forefoot zones is hard enough to protect the shoe from harsh terrain in addition to providing sufficient traction.
The grooves running from midfoot to the heel zones enhance flexibility. It allows a runner to flex the foot when running.


Nike Zoom Fly3 Upper Component

fly 3 upper


The Nike Zoom Fly 3 has a VaporWeave upper, which gives the shoe some frills. The Vapor Weave is extremely-breathable and flexible. It absorbs and retains less water to keep your feet dry at all times. It is also incredibly lightweight.

In Zoom Fly 3, the upper part does not entirely comprise of VaporWeave. Instead, the VaporWeave acts as a light upper cover for the breathable mesh in the forefoot area and nylon in the midfoot. Such a combination ensures that the foot is consistently warm.






Nike Zoom Fly 3 is the first but the lowest profile Nike Air Unit that works well for cross-training. It is very responsive, fast, and well-cushioned.
It is a go-to if you are looking for a racing shoe. It is firm and lightweight. It is also a versatile shoe. Besides, you can use Zoom Fly 3 for both racing and cross workout. However, it is just perfect for high tempo sprinting.

The cushioning is excellent, the outsole offers sufficient traction, and with a fiber plate, Zoom Fly 3 guarantees you a superb heel strike.


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Reviewed by Dick Harrison 

Harrison is an Australian who lives in Sidney. He trains for fitness and the fun of it but does it like a pro. Harrison has the experience of running in various running shoes and understands the technology behind each shoe model he has worn.


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