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Asics Gel 1130 Review


 Asics Gel 1130 is a dad's shoe, just like New Balance 608, or 623,1540s, Asics 1090s, and many others. Dad's shoe refers to the comfortable and practical sneakers often worn by middle-aged men. The dad's shoes are the do-it-all kind of shoes. You can use them for running, gym workouts, and walking. Also, Dad's shoes are characterized by chunky soles that make them exceptionally cushioned and supportive.  


                  Asics Gel 1130 upper


The Gel-1130 has become one of my favorite running shoes. The upper is made of mesh with some synthetic leather detailing, which reminds me of the Asics GT-1000 and Kayano 14. The suede creates overlays on the mesh, giving the upper the right structure and support. The suede covers critical areas such as the toe bumper, medial and lateral sides, and back of the shoe.

The upper of Gel-1130 exudes a late '90s appearance with the combination of suede and synthetic mesh, which is pretty much my style.




Asics Gel 1130 Midsole


Asics Gel 1130 has EVA midsole foam and a gel insert in the heel that provides nice soft cushioning under your heels. 

A plastic support system or posting sits in the midfoot area to offer stability and support.

The Gel 1130 rides nicely. They are amazingly comfortable. Of course, it is an EVA foam, so don't expect the marshmallow cushioning of the Fytefoam+ midsole foam in the Gel-Nimbus 25 and the latest Asics premium running shoe models.

The idea is to have optimum comfort and cushioning, and 1130 offers them to my liking. The gel insert in the heels makes landing in the heel exciting. The pressure from landing helps create a bounce, creating excellent momentum for a good toe-off. There is a balance of firmness and softness. It is not too firm.

         Asics Gel 1130 heel counter


Despite having a slightly wider foot, the Asics Gel 1130 fits true to size. It has a roomy too box to flex my toes. There are no hot spots either. However, I recommend going a half size down if you have narrow feet.

My size 10 US weighs 12.3 ounces (350g). It is typical of Dad's shoes. They are hardly conventional lightweight shoes because of their gigantic nature.

Because of the weight, I can't run longer miles with them. Instead, I use them for weekly running mileage, especially 3 miles of slow runs. However, my pair of Asics Gel 1130 are frequent guests at the gym. I use them for weight workouts.

The outsole grip makes lunges easier.

The mesh upper is highly breathable despite the inner lining. Besides, the synthetic leather overlays cover a small area of the shoe.


                     Asics Gel 1130 Outsole


How can I use Asics Gel 1130?

Asics Gel 1130 comes in various colors to suit your fashion needs. It has an old-school bold appearance. Hence, you can use it for casual wear or all-day walks and enjoy its comfort and breathability. I am sure fans of old ninety fashion will love it. It doesn't look flashy either, making it suitable for someone who prefers simplicity.

The Gel 1130 also performs well in the gym.  

          Asics Gel 1130 rear


Reviewed by Robert Oliver

Robert Oliver is from Marlinton, West Virginia. He is a running sneaker aficionado. A former competitive runner, now a shoe reviewer, he meticulously assesses aspects such as design, cushioning, stability, and durability of running shoes.



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