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Reebok Floatride Energy Symmetros 2 Performance Review


The Reebok Floatride Energy Symmetros 2 has been received well by runners since its release in late 2022. This shoe has identical features to Reebok Foatride Energy 4. It is highly considered a plush partner to the Reebok energy models. The Symmetros 2 is a touch heavier than the Reebok Energy 4 but with the same midsole foam. The retro styling gives this shoe a casual-sporty look. 


What is New?

Reebok Energy Symmetros 2 Upper


The upper layer is concocted with an engineered mesh, which is also slightly thick but highly breathable. The fitting is the most significant change in the upper. Reebok achieved a better lockdown in the Floatride Energy Symmetros 2 by enhancing the stabilizing elements.

The improvements are noticeable in the midfoot and toe box. The secure fitting is attributed to the generously padded neoprene gusseted tongue, heel and ankle collars. Also, the heel collar that extends upwards, creating a sock-like fitting. Besides, the soft padding around the Achilles is welcoming and protective.

The streamlined upper mesh has minimal overlays, thus simple but classy. The lacing comprises flat and slightly perforated laces that don't do much because they lack an elastic feel. Besides, they don't need to do much because the booty upper offers a secure fitting. The tongue's external layer is relatively coarse. It exudes an unfinished deconstruction appearance to give this shoe the best unique look you won't find in other shoes.

Reebok got everything right when designing the upper part of Energy Symmetros 2. This shoe has a snug-fitting with spaces in the right places. It is also stylish to the extent of turning necks.

Reebok Energy Symmetros 2 Lacing system


A makeshift pull tab on the tongue demonstrates Reebok’s willingness to do more to impress its clients. 

Still, the greatest takeaway is the shoe’s comfort. The upper material has substantial padding yet is breathable. I find it also easy to dial in to get a suitable fitting. I noticed this streamlined upper offers the correct fitting at a half size down. However, I can’t see a significant issue to report. Hence, thumbs up to the Reebok designers. They did a commendable job with the upper. 


Reebok Floatride Symmetros 2 Midsole Design

Reebok Energy Symmetros 2 heel section


The midsole unit is similar to the one in the previous version. The midsole features Floatride Energy foam, which first debuted five years ago. The Floatride Energy midsole foam utilizes the E-TPU technology. Reebok deploys the Floatride Energy foam in its daily trainers because it has a balance of bounce and cushioning. On the other hand, it uses Floatride (PEBAX) midsole foam in its fast shoes, like the Floatride Run Panthea.


Reebok Floatride Symmetros 2 Outsole Design and Performance

Reebok Energy Symmetros 2 Outsole


The outsole has more rubber than foam. A big chunk of the entire outsole is covered with lugs, enabling the Reebok Symmetros 2 to handle various running terrains, including wet conditions. I find the grip excellent on concrete and road. The spacing of the lugs allows tiny debris to hide. The  plastic clip in the heel gives the shoe the right balance and stability.It is evident that Reebok had a well-thought-out outsole design, and executed it well. 


Reebok Floatride Symmetros 2 Ride and Performance

The Reebok Symmetros 2's steady pace suits a half-marathon effort. The midsole is compliant and can easily do eight minutes per mile. The heel-to-toe transitioning is smooth. The slight extra width in the heel does well to enhance balance. The expanded polyurethane midsole in the Reebok Symmetros 2 handles the road like the Adidas Ultraboost 22, but the Floatride energy is quite spongy. The soft cushioning is amplified by the soft insole. Hence, the midsole has balance cushioning and firmness, making it an ideal daily trainer for easy recovery and speed runs, mid to long runs. 


Who Needs Reebok Energy Symmetros?

 Reebok Energy Symmetros 2 upper mesh


The Reebok Energy Symmetros 2 is a versatile neutral running shoe that fits all types of training. Besides, if the Reebok Energy 4 has worked for you, but you need slight underfoot cushioning, the Reebok Symmetros 2 is the go-to shoe. Additionally, it has a better fitting and streamlined upper than the Energy 4. This shoe is for a Reebok fan or someone ready to try the Reebok daily trainers. People have overlooked the Reebok running shoes for far too long. It could be because they are less popular than Nikes, Adidas, Asics, Skechers or Saucony. However, these are excellent performance running shoes. The Symmetros 2 has everything a runner needs in a daily trainer. 


Reebok Energy Symmetros 2 coller and ankle








By Kyle Parker

Parker is a gym trainer, runner, and shoe lover who enjoys everything to do with fitness and shoes. He deeply understands the relationship between the shoes you wear, your body, and how you run.

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