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The Phenomenal Adidas Adizero Adios 7


The Adidas Adizero Adios 7 comes with minor yet significant changes, one of which is the reduced weight. It is lighter than its predecessor, with about 22 grams. It is a versatile shoe that sits at 32mm on the heel and 24 mm on the forefoot creating an 8 mm heel drop, just like the Adios 6 model. Even the outsole design is similar to the previous version. 


Adidas Adios 7 upper Design  Sizing and Fitting 

 Adidas Adios 7 Upper


The upper part exudes a classic vibe, especially with the suede-like overlays in the toe box. The suede also does well in offering the proper structure. The most noticeable thing about the upper is the new light mesh that looks precisely like the Celermesh on the Adios Pro or Takumi Sen 8. The mesh is also paper thin, transparent, light, soft, and breathable.

Due to the thin mesh, Adidas added some elements on the medial sides to give the shoe the needed structure. The tongue is similar to that of the Adizero Prime X. However, Adidas retained the iconic extra eyelets found in Adios 6. 

 Despite the heel area being extremely thin, Adidas also added a string-like element around the back of the heel to provide grip and put the heel in place. Hence, the Adidas Adios 7 has an excellent lockdown. The upper mesh design is practical. It has a glove-like fitting, and the sizing is true to size, like the Adidas Adios 6. The Adios 7 is roomy and accommodative. 


Adidas Adios 7 Midsole Design and Performance

The midsole is constructed exactly as the Adidas Adios 6. It has a full-length Lightstrike that runs thick at the heel and thin at the base of the forefoot. The Lightstrike foam is topped with a layer of Lightstrike Pro which is softer and bouncier. The Lightstrike Pro is secured by a Torsion system (thermoplastic shank) that runs from the heel to the forefoot.

The firmer light strike foam in the heel area guarantees stability. It is also slightly firmer across the mid-section and soft on the forefoot, thus creating the right balance between stability, cushioning, and bounciness. The Torsion system helps create a snappy toe-off.


Adidas Adios 7 Outsole


There is nothing new to expect because Adidas retained the usual beautiful, grippy outsole design and patterns of the previous version. The durable continental rubber design remains unchanged. Like in the previous versions, it is unlikely to be faulted since it has proven reliable on all running terrains. Still, some runners think the continental outsole rubber is slappy, which is undoubtedly wrong. 


Adidas Adios 7 Overall Performance

The Adidas Adizero Adios 7 is purely a running shoe, and the lowered weight has enhanced its overall performance. The Adios 7 rides like the Adios 6, with somewhat firmness across the heel section and bounciness after transitioning to midfoot and forefoot zones. 

The overall ride is smooth because of the way Lightstrike Pro foam and peppy because the plastic Torsion System offers a propelling momentum through a profound snap at toe-off. Adidas has ensured that runners have a natural running experience because the midsole does not dictate the gait circle. The reason is that it is dictated by the amount of energy exerted. Hence, a runner has total control over the shoe and not the opposite.

Still, the construction design prefers quick transitions over a long-stride gait because it is pretty responsive. 


What Runners Think about Adidas Adizero Adios 7 

Adidas Adios 7 Midsole


Many runners we have interacted with love Adizero Adios 7. “I love Adios 6. It has over 200 miles on it and still rocks. It is the reason I got the Adios which I find to be softer with better lockdown than the Adios 6. I can complain,” says Ann. 

Mike says, “So far I love the Adidas Adizero 7. I have done 50 miles and it handles all kind of paces including hill repeats.”

Kelly says that Adios has a classic vibe and is a better version of its predecessor, the Adios 6.

While runners love the Adios 7, some seem skeptical about the thin heel section. Most runners reported having heel problems. Also, those running in trails reported debris entering the shoes through the flexible heel counter. They affirm that the Adios 7 is excellent for road running and fits runners not looking for stability but a simple trainer shoe that is lightweight and rides soft. 


Things to Expect from Adidas Adios 7


  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Versatility: It is for easy and fast paces
  • Highly breathable
  • Stable outsole 
  • Responsive
  • Exceptional snug-fitting upper
  • Good Pricing








By Dick Harrison 

Harrison is an Australian who lives in Sidney. He trains for fitness and the fun of it but does it like a pro. Harrison has the experience of running in various running shoes and understands the technology behind each shoe model he has worn.



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