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New Balance 574 Review

New Balance Retro shoes are one of the most sought-after shoe brands for those looking to make a fashion statement while enjoying cross-training experiences, comfort, and support. The New Balance 574 Core sneakers, first released in 1988 and originally designed as running sneakers, have remained popular off-the-tracks as New Balance casual trainer shoes. It exhibits high comfort, style, stability, and durability.

Hence, the urban streets have ensured the New Balance 574 remains relevant to date. It remains one of the iconic running shoes from New Balance. Despite its popularity, New Balance has also ensured it remains affordable to its loyal consumers. You can get it for less than 90 USD.


New Balance 574 Upper Designs and Fitting


The upper of New Balance 574 is concocted with premium suede, leather, and classic mesh, giving it a premium retro appearance. The collar has substantial padding, just enough to provide comfort. I find the lining as soft as in the NB 608v5. Therefore, the 547 New Balance is surprisingly comfortable.  

The insole is relatively thin since it measures about 3.7 millimeters but offers decent cushioning.

The iconic N logo on the medial and lateral sides pops, and the round-toe design adds to the style.

New Balance 574 has a simple yet sleek look that stands out. You notice that most people, including me, love the basic and classic appearance. The 547 New Balance matches various outfits and lets you make a fashion statement without overdoing it. The good thing is that you have a variety of colors to choose from. I went for grey.

Besides the styling, I found the fitting amazing after going a half size up. My size is US 9 standards, but I had to go for USD 9.5 due to the slightly narrow fitting. It wasn’t too narrow, but a half-size-up has worked for me. The wide-footed runners have wide options.

The overall upper construction is excellent in terms of style, comfort, and quality.


New Balance 574 Sole Unit and Performance


The midsole entails an ENCAP technology for optimum cushioning. The ENCAP technology combines soft EVA cushioning foam and polyethylene rim to offer extra support and durability. The EVA foam does well enough to disperse weight while providing stability. It is also flexible and lightweight and

There is no arch support; it is the perfect neutral shoe for me since I don’t need arch support. I find New Balance 574 to be highly comfortable.  

The carbon rubber outsole has aggressive lugs for better grip across all surfaces, including trails.


New Balance 574 Durability

The New Balance 574 is made of quality materials. However, the suede in the upper can be destroyed if not taken care of. Don’t use water to wash The 574 New Balance. I suggest wearing it during dry seasons as casual wear to maintain its freshness. I tried to make them an everyday walking shoe until I noticed some wear and tear. Therefore, I wear them occasionally since I have several sneakers to rotate.

 New Balance 574 Outsole


Can you Use New Balance 574 For Running?

You can hit the road with 574 New Balance sneakers, and it won’t disappoint. However, I suggest light exercises, including short-distance running. However, I don’t use mine pair for running. They are better off as casual wear or walking shoes. For me, New Balance 574 is for swag.

Unfortunately, New Balance 574 lacks arch support features, thus making it unsuitable for overpronators.


What to expect from New Balance 574?

  • Retro design
  • Comfortable for all-day walking
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Versatility


Reviewed by Robert Oliver

Robert Oliver is from Marlinton, West Virginia. He is a running sneaker aficionado. A former competitive runner, now a shoe reviewer, he meticulously assesses aspects such as design, cushioning, stability, and durability of running shoes.



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