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New Balance Fresh Foam X More V4: More and More Cushioning

 By Kyle Allen

Shoe technology evolves when shoe brands compete to outdo one another in providing clients with the best running shoes that serve their running needs. In all aspects, be it carbon plate, max-cushioning, motion guide, or neutral running shoe, brands are pushing hard to place themselves as the best choice or alternative for their clients.

While Adidas has the high-stacked Adidas Adizero Prime X, the New Balance has the max-cushioned Fuel Cell SuperComp trainer and, specifically, the Fresh Foam More series. After the much-hyped Fresh Foam More v3, which also lived up to the runner's expectations, New Balance has returned with the Fresh Foam X More v4. The Fresh Foam More v4 is beefy, high-stacked and features the new Fresh Foam X midsole foam, which is softer and bouncier than the Fresh Foam midsole in More v3.

The Fresh Foam More series has a good reputation among wide-footed runners for providing comfort across miles of easy day training.

New Balance built on the successes of the Fresh Foam More v3 to make the new version much better for its fans. The Fresh Foam X More v4 has gained 2mm more stack height and 5mm more base width than its predecessor. It is now 34mm on the heel and 30mm on the forefoot, translating into a 4mm heel drop. It also weighs 22g/0.74oz more. The exciting part is that the updated stack height comes with 66% more displacement.

According to New Balance, the extra soft Fresh foam X in the midsole provides cushiness and a rebound. New Balance's new midsole design guarantees a runner a 6% more energy return.


Fresh Foam More v4 Upper Design and Fitting

Freshfoam X v4 upper 


The upper of New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 is the epitome of style and plush. It is concocted with a modified engineered mesh and reflective details to turn heads. Hence, the modified mesh is functional and fashionable. It is soft, breathable, and huggy. The non-gusseted, slightly padded asymmetrical tongue, plush collar, and heel counter complement one another to secure and support the foot.

While the upper is plush, it has limited overlays common in elite running shoes. Therefore, it is breathable. Besides, the toe bumper raises the mesh above the toes to prevent irritation. The More v4 also comes with stretchy laces, which are easy to lace and look tidy.

The upper of New Balance More v4 is more streamlined than its predecessors and comes with a solid structure at the midfoot to hold the foot securely in place. The other noticeable difference is that the new Fresh Foam More v4 has a more extensive and bolder "N" logo with subtle accents and overlays that give the entire shoe a polished and cool look.

Most importantly, the upper is sufficiently supportive, especially with the assistance of raised midsole sidewalls.

The sizing is true-to-size, specifically for regular versions. The most exciting part is that New Balance has also made wide versions for wide-footed runners. The wide version is best suited for runners with extra wide feet. This shoe doesn't run narrow, so a regular runner with a normal wide foot should go for a regular size (true-to-size fitting.


Fresh Foam More v4 Midsole Design and Performance

Freshfoam X V4 midsole


There are many good things about the midsole of Fresh Foam More v4. It is now 34mm on the heel and 30mm on the forefoot, yet not as gigantic as the FuelCell Super Comp, which has a stack height of 41mm heel / 33mm forefoot and 8mm heel drop. The sculpted midsole has an aerodynamic feel and gives an impression of less chunkiness than the previous version. When paired together, one would think the Fresh Foam X More v3 has more foam than Fresh Foam X More v4.

The high stack height has been compensated with a broad platform width to provide much-needed stability. The outsole base width measures 120mm on the forefoot, 90 mm on the midfoot, and 105mm on the heel.

Despite a great deal of broadness at the heel area, the deep, broad, and separated groove allows easy transitioning. Therefore, the split beveled heel edge is not for nothing because it makes landing and transitioning exceptionally seamless. The globe-shaped and split tail and the rounded hexagons on the midsole's sidewalls also offer an optical illusion.


 freshfoam x v4 outsole


 The outsole design maximizes ground impact absorption to provide an underfoot soft ride. It comprises lots of protruding rubber pads, whereby the rear ones are pretty firm for rear stability.

Fresh Foam X More v4 has a top-of-a-top comfort rating. It has a soft and squishy feel under the foot throughout the heel, midfoot, and forefoot. This shoe suits runners looking for more comfort, especially during recovery runs or general walking, but not seeking to run fast.


What Runners Say About Fresh Foam More v4

"Initially, I thought the foam was too soft but it turned out to be pretty responsive and bouncy," says Gilberto.

Laura is not bothered with the stack height because she loves how her foot immerses in the Fresh Foam X cushioning, surrounded by the midsole walls. Overall, she loves the stable ride.

Felix has a weight concern. He thinks shoes are getting heavier with every launch. His size 10.5 weighs 330g/11.7oz. "At least the bounciness of Fresh Foam X makes me forget about the weight," He says.


What to Expect from New Balance More v4

  • Sidewalls for holding the foot into place
  • The broad base and flaring sole for stability and a smooth ride
  • Maximum cushioning for recovery runs and easy long miles
  • Excellent fitting with wide sizing options



Specs Fresh Foam X More V4
Weight      10.9 oz (M) 9.0oz (W)
Heel Drop      4mm
Shoe Category      Neutral 
Running Surface      Road

   Fresh foam X









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