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Adidas Znchill Lightmotion+ Review: Is it a Lifestyle or Running Shoe?


Beautiful upper

A balance of firmness and softness

Highly comfortable

Good quality for a small price



  • It is quite unstable due to the high stack height
  • Not highly breathable
  • It is quite heavy


Take Away

The Adidas Znchill Lightmotion+ is an amazing entry-level running shoe with a chunky midsole. Its selling point is the comfortable chunky Lightmotion plus midsole foam and the roller motion action that creates a consistent foot strike.



Two reasons convinced me to get the Adidas Znchill Lightmotion+. Firstly, the pricing. The price of Adidas Znchill Lightmotion+ ranges from $48 to $60, depending on color. That is pretty cheap. Secondly, it is because of the new Lightmotion plus midsole technology I have tried the Boost, Cloudfoam, Bounce, Lightstrike, Lightstrike 2.0, and Lightstrike Pro midsole foam technologies and understand how each performs. Actually, I love the Lightstrike Pro. Almost everyone with the Adidas Boston 12 loves this technology. Here, I had a chance to try the Lightmotion+ in Adidas Zinchill, and I was not disappointed. The comfort and quality are amazing.


Adidas Znchill Lightmotion+ Upper Design and Fitting

Adidas Znchill Lightmotionupper


A lot is going on in the upper. There is a good structure with elements of protection and frills. The material used has varying gauges. For instance, a thick knit-like mesh was used in the upper collar and tongue, and a suede material was used at the lower part of the heel and ankle area. A small heel plastic on the lower back of the shoe reinforces support at the back. Besides the mudguard, the material around the toes is pretty solid, yet not a hindrance. It extends towards the midfoot area, and offers enough protection and structure. The tongue and heel collar have adequate padding; It is neither thick nor thin.

Synthetic materials around the laces have been used as reinforcement. Therefore, the upper has a combination of various materials that also give the Adidas Znchill some frills.

The toe box runs quite narrow; hence, mine doesn't fit true to size. Instead, I went a half size up to get the right fit and comfort. The heel look is decent when walking or jogging. The heel slippage is apparent when running fast. Finally, the upper is fairly breathable. I would use it in a hot summer. Overall, the upper is great. It doesn't look cheap either; I give it a score of 8 out of 10.


  Adidas Znchill Lightmotion+  Midsole Design and Performance

    Adidas Znchill Lightmotion midsole


The Lightmotion+ midsole foam is why Adidas Znchill Lightmotion+ is a hidden gem. The beefy midsole foam provides amazing underfoot cushioning. It is soft and springy. The Znchill Adidas feels like a maximum cushioned shoe. It also brings Hoka vibes. My only issue is that I am confused because Adidas also refers to the Lightmotion running shoes as those with ultra-weight responsive cushioning. These Adidas Lightmotion running shoes include the Duramo SL and Duramo Speed. Therefore, I don't know if the Lightmotion+ is generic foam or mislabeled by Adidas. Still, I love its comfort.   It feels softer than the bounce midsole foam in the Adidas Swift Run 23.

Despite being a maximum cushioned shoe, the Znchill Lightmotion plus Adidas doesn't feel as marshmallow as the Asics Nimbus 25. Still, it is amazingly comfortable, with a balance of softness and firmness.

The platform has good traction despite lacking the famous continental outsole rubber.

Adidas Znchill Lightmotion outsole


My takeaway is that the Adidas Znchill  rides pretty soft and squishy. The bounce is profound and lively, and the slight rocker makes heel to toe transition seamless.

The downside is that it is quite heavy. My US size 9 weighs 14.1 oz (400g). Furthermore, stability, especially when cornering, isn't great. Also, while the midsole foam is compliant when subjected to a fast pace, I experienced heel slippage. It is not a serious heel slippage because I solved this issue by adjusting the laces. Still, a stronger heel counter could solve the problems.


Who is it for?

It fits someone who won't mind the lack of crazy soft squishiness. The Adidas Znchill LIGHTMOTION+ offers a decent, soft, squishy feel.

Besides the comfort, a short girl or guy can take advantage of the high stack height. It gives extra inches of lift.


  Why You Shouldn't Buy Adidas Znchill Lightmotion Plus

   Adidas Znchill Lightmotion toe box


It is not highly breathable, hence not a good choice for running in the hot summer. Also, it's quite heavy, so it doesn't suit someone who prefers lightweight running shoes. Adidas Znchill is also not a stability shoe; thus, it is not suitable for someone looking for overpronators.


Final Thought

Adidas Znchill Lightmotion offers value for money. It has a decent look, excellent comfort, and decent performance on short recovery runs. It can also be used as casual wear.





Reviewd By Kyle Parker

Parker is a gym trainer, runner, and shoe lover who enjoys everything to do with fitness and shoes. He deeply understands the relationship between the shoes you wear, your body, and how you run.


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