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Asics Gel Cumulus 25 Review


SCORE: 9.2

Weight: 9oz/255g (men’s US9), 8.1oz/229g (Women US8)

Heel Drop: 8mm (37.5mm heel and 29.5mm forefoot)

Shoe type: Neutral Max-cushioned trainer

Terrain:  Road

Pace:  Relaxed pace


Take Away

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 is a total deviation from its predecessor, Cumulus 24. It features a full-length new Flytefoam Blast plus midsole foam and PureGel inserts for plush cushioning and ride. Asics Gel Cumulus 25 has additional stack height making it a maximum cushioned daily training shoe for easy runs and moderate speeds over a long distance.


  • Plush upper
  • seamless and soft ride
  • Premium looks at excellent price
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Snug fitting



  • Not so versatile outsole



Asics Gel Cumulus is one of Asics most popular running shoe models. For many years, it was categorized as Asics’s mid-range neutral daily trainer. It sat in the category of Nike Pegasus. Anyone who wore the previous versions, especially Cumulus 21 and 22, can tell that the recent versions of Cumulus are different from the previous ones. It had a slight underfoot ride yet was comfortable and could handle anything thrown at it. Things changed after Asics introduced the Asics Novablast, another mid-range neutral daily trainer.

Asics Novablast fans can confirm that Asics Novablast 3, an up-tempo shoe, has better performance and turnover than the Cumulus. It has a trampoline-like bounce, lighter and more responsive. Novablast has become a better choice than Cumulus to many runners in less than three years.  

The Cumulus series has gone through some transformation. It is now the lower stack sibling of the Asics Nimbus. Remember, this year (2023), Nimbus 25 underwent some transformation. It  is chunky, softer, and bouncier than its predecessor.

Asics has done the same for Cumulus 25. It now has 2.5 more stacks of Flytefoam Blast Plus midsole foam and the new Pure Gel technology in the heel section. These changes have altered the Cumulus DNA. It is now a max-cushioned neutral trainer with 37.5mm in the heel and 29.5 mm in the forefoot.  


Asics Gel Cumulus 25 Upper Design and Fitting 

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 upper


The Gel Cumulus 25's upper has a striking similarity with Asics Nimbus 25. Asics utilized the soft, thick, and stretchy mesh material used in the Asics Nimbus 25. It is a proof that Asics is aimed at plush comfort. Besides the soft thick mesh material, Asics also gave this shoe a padded collar and tongue, which are both thicker than in Nimbus 25. The tongue is semi-gusseted, so like Nimbus 25, Asics Gel Cumulus 25 has a sock-like fit.

The fitting of Cumulus 25 is true to size for my Us size 10 and the comfort is amazing. The toe box is roomy. Pretty wide but secure, especially for a standard foot like mine. Only someone with an extra wide foot will have an issue with it. Still, Asics has wide options.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25's heel lock is awesome. The lace lock-up is also trouble-free so, I don't need to adjust the fitting even though the forefoot runs quite long.

In  Asics Gel Cumulus 25, the thickly padded and stretchy upper, padded tongue, and heel collar all work together to guarantee a snug fitting. The downside of the significant padding is the diminished breathability.

Since, Asics Cumulus feels warm, I have learned to wear thin socks, especially on hot days to get the best aeration possible.

Overall, the upper is not as wide as the Nimbus 25 since both the forefoot and midfoot run slightly narrow. It is comfortable, fits true to size, and is secure with no experienced heel slippage. Its premium look is also one of the most outstanding features.


Asics Gel Cumulus 25 Midsole Design and Performance

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 Midsole


The beautiful upper complements the audacious chunky single-density Flytefoam Blast+ midsole foam. It is a deviation from the dual-density midsole foam in the previous version, the Cumulus 24. The PureGel unit is inserted in the heel area to bring the cloud-like sensation that is lacking in Asics Cumulus 24. The combination of the Flytefoam Blast Plus and the lighter and softer PureGel makes the ride amazingly soft due to the significant ground impact absorption.

I have the Gel Nimbus 25, and this Gel Cumulus 25 rides softer since it lacks firmer midsole foam at the bottom. Hence, the midsole is less stiff. If you have Nimbus 25, you will notice that it's squishy only at the top. It is also softer than the Novablast 3, which has more pop in the heel because it lacks the PureGel unit.

I can't think of a softer daily trainer than Asics  Gel Cumulus 25. I thought Asics Nimbus 25 was the softest running shoe of 2023. 

Like Nimbus 25, the Gel Cumulus 25 rides soft and is enjoyable mostly at easy paces since it lacks pace. The midsole flares laterally like in the Asis Gel Nimbus 25, making the heel-to-forefoot transition pretty clunky at the start of the run, but things soften after a while. The forefoot is slightly stiffer than the heel because it lacks the PureGel inserts. This makes the transition from midfoot to forefoot pretty solid and stable.

Another magical approach by Asics was to utilize a combination of rocker and flex in the forefoot. The gum outsole rubber has been designed so that it flexes during toe-off. This sensation is not profound since it is overshadowed by the soft cushioning feel.

Therefore, Asics Cumulus 25 is perfect for easy recovery runs, just like Nimbus 25. It also performs well in mid-range distances. The bounce is balanced, and the somewhat firm forefoot offers a slight ground feel.

I suggest lowering the stack height by 2mm to reduce the majestic heel flare and overall weight. This will make the overall heel-to-toe transition more seamless than it is now. Overall the plush mesh upper layer works well with the stacked-up midsole and widened platform, and the rides feel far different from previous Cumulus models.


Asics Gel cumulus 25 outsole


Asics has utilized the AHAR outsole rubber. It is firmer than Asics Lite rubber, which is enough to improve stability and durability besides retaining the intended underfoot softness.

The rubber lugs are soft and aid in seamless transitioning. The thick  AHAR outsole gum rubber in the high-contact areas works hand in hand with the soft Flytefoam Blast Plus midsole foam to deliver a subtle snap during toe-off.


Why You Should Buy Asics Gel Cumulus 25

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 rear


The Gel Cumulus 25 is excellent for a runner looking for plush daily training for easy recovery or significant mileage with a bit of speed. The Cumulus 25 is a cheaper option than Asics Nimbus 25, yet different in terms of how it rides. While the Nimbus 25 is highly bouncy, especially at the top, the Gel Cumulus 25 is more flexible and relaxed due to a full-length Flytefoam Blast Plus midsole. It is softer and lighter with a reduced stack height and is more versatile than Nimbus 25.     

Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 also suits a runner looking for a running shoe with a warm upper. The padded soft mesh material offers a warm sensation during cold weather.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 has a premium look, befitting casual wear. Besides the good looks, as cushioning shoes, it suits anyone who stands for a long time at work, as long there are no nails or endangering materials around. The soft midsole cannot withstand sharp objects like nails.


 Who Does Asics Gel Cumulus 25 Doesn't Suit?

The Cumulus 25 is a cushioned shoe with a soft midsole. Thus, it doesn't suit a runner looking for a highly versatile daily training shoe. The Gel Nimbus 25 is designed for a relaxed to moderately high pace. However, this shoe can be paired with high-performance shoes like Puma Liberate 2, Pegasus 40, and Saucony Ride Saucony 16. Still, Pegasus is firmer, while Liberate and Saucony Ride 16 are more stable

It also doesn't fit a runner looking for support, especially over pronators or supinators. Asics Gel Kayano 29 is a better option or support.


Reviewed by Mike Hardy

At 42, Hardy has been running for more than 15 years. He runs for fitness purposes. He loves running short marathons, especially on Saturdays.

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