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Merrell Trail Glove 7 Review


    SCORE: 9/10

     Weight: 7.23oz/ 204g

     Stack height: 14mm

     Heel Drop: Zero

    Shoe type: Minimalist barefoot running shoe

     Surface: Moderate trail, loose gravels, concrete roads,

    Lugs thickness: 2.5 mm



  • Stylish with improved overall design
  • Adaptive upper
  • Lighter than Glove 6
  • Excellent traction across terrains
  • More flexible outsole
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Value for money



  • It offers minimum barefoot experience due to reduced ground contact caused by increased midsole thickness



As a fan of barefoot walking, especially at the beach, I came to understand the need for subtle protection. While it's beautiful walking in the sand barefoot, you never know what could prick your foot. You still need protection.

Merrell Trail Glove 6 is my first barefoot. Not really a barefoot foot because I wore it beyond beach walking, including on trail and light hiking. It also offered a slight barefoot feel. Still, Glove Trail 6 perfectly matched my needs, especially support in the arch.  

The uniqueness of Merrell glove 6 is that it has the aspect of support similar to what we have in hiking and trail running shoes. Therefore, I loved the barefoot protection and support I experienced with the Glove 6.

Unfortunately, I had some design issues that I wished Merrell had rectified. For instance, my first pair of Glove 6 did not take long before it got holes in the mesh while the glued sections peeled off. The too many separate pieces glued together could not hold up to daily aggressive runs in the trail. Hence, I took it easy on my second pair.

However, I am glad Merrell considered these issues and redesigned the Merrell Trail 7. This new version is a complete deviation from its predecessor. It has a wider midfoot, flexible outsole, less aggressive arch, and denser and softer midsole and support, making it a transition shoe. The redesign, especially the thicker midsole, makes the Merrell Glove 7 far from being a barefoot shoe like the Vivo barefoot Primus. Instead, it's rightly a minimalistic and versatile trail or hiking shoe.

I have tried the Glove 7, and it is amazingly comfortable, even without socks. With my moderate arch and slightly wide foot, this shoe fits perfectly and is true to size. It is still not a perfect fit for those with extra wide, flat feet.


Merrell Trail Glove 7 Upper Design and Fitting



The upper design features a breathable mesh upper material. The breathability is amazing since there is a balance of warmness and breeziness; you don't feel the foot suffocating. The upper design is a barefoot construction meant to maintain the foot's natural position. The mesh is pretty thin and soft compared to the previous version.

The tongue, heel, and ankle collar are lightly padded but sufficient for comfort and support.

However, it is disappointing that this new version lacks the gusseted tongue that was featured in the previous version. There would be a greater probability of debris entering the shoe than in the earlier version. Still, the updated lacing system does enough to create an enclosed fitting. Instead of four eyelets in the previous version, the Glove 7 has six, including more reinforcing small cord loops on the sides, creating a more intertwining lacing style that prevents debris from entering the shoe. The new lacing system also brings an enhanced snug fitting. The shoelaces eyelets are easier to thread.




Merrell also added padding around the ankle to enhance protection in this area.

Overall, the upper of Trail Glove 7 fits well, especially with a broadened forefoot. It doesn't hold much water, making it fun to maneuver wet trails. The toe box is roomier, and the overall protection from debris is excellent.


Merrell Trail Glove 7 Midsole Design and Performance

                       Merrell Tril Glove 7 midsole


The midsole has significant updates, and the primary one is the natural foot positioning to provide an actual minimalist feel or something close to being barefoot. There is also a significant switch from BOOM® midsole foam to the new FloatPro Foam™, which is softer. Therefore, there is improved cushioning due to improved ground absorption. The midsole is covered with the Vibram Eco step outsole, and the wrapping extends further than in the previous version. It extends over the big toe to enhance protection from abrasive trail terrain. Within the Vibram Eco step outsole, Merrell integrated dual-directional flex grooves called FLEXconnect®. These grooves enhance the ground contact connection to create a subtle barefoot feel. The grip is excellent both on dry and wet surfaces.


                    Merrell Trail Glove 7 Outsole


The Ride

What I love about the Merrell Trail Glove 7 is that it offers natural foot movement because of the zero drop and roomy upper. The sole feels thick and more cushioned and combines well with the flexible outsole to offer versatility on the trail and road. It is not the kind of shoe that offers pace bursts like the Saucony Xodus Trail 1 or 2. It makes you feel like you are running without a shoe but with guaranteed underfoot protection.

The Merrell Glove 7 performs well on trail runs with rocks and terrain with loose gravel and sticks. This shoe also does well on hikes. The Glove 7 devours the ground with its grippy outsole, creating a comfortable ride. The ride feels almost similar to the Vapor Glove 6 due to moderate arch support.


Who Should Buy Merrell Trail Glove 7?

If you loved the Vapor Glove 5 and 6, consider the Trail Gloves 7.

The Trail Glove 7 also fits someone looking for zero-heel drop minimalist trail and hiking shoes.

                   Merrel Trail Glove 7 heel


    Final Thought     


The Merrell Glove 7 is an upgrade of the Trail Glove 6. It has a more robust upper, a roomier toe box, and a flexible outsole. Hence it is easily an all-round minimalist shoe for on and off the trails. Merrell considered clients' complaints and surpassed everyone's expectations by developing an innovative minimalist trail shoe. The Vibram outsole is exceptionally versatile, so the Merrell has become my favorite daily wear. It is a good option for transitioning to barefoot running shoes. Besides, it is pocket-friendly and value for money.


By Smith Carter

 Carter is an experienced runner from South Carolina. Smith is an ardent runner with thousands of miles on his feet.  He has  at  14 years of running experience.



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