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Asics Dynablast Review

Published: June 20, 2021

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SCORE: 8/10                                           

Weight:  9.0 oz (size 11)

Heel Drop: 12 mm

Type: Neutral daily training shoe

Surface: Road and dirt trail


  • Lightweight
  • Roomy toe box
  • Comfortable
  • Stable enough for overpronation and over-supination
  • Rides soft


  • The toe box is too big for a narrow footed runner


Take Away

Beyond the styling, particularly in the upper and midsole, Asics Dynablast perfectly suits daily runs. It is comfortable, lightweight, and fairly responsive to provide a smooth ride. The upper may have fitting issues for runners with slimmer feet. Nevertheless, the Dynablast reassures Asics fans that the brand is moving in the right direction.


Asics Dynablast Instant Impression

Asics Dynablast evinces style and plush just like a super shoe. It has a patterned upper and a carefully sculpted midsole like in the Asics Novablast. I felt that it could do more than just a running shoe. It can make it to my casual wears list

On foot, the Dynablast feels lightweight, and the colorful upper is radiating. The reduced stack height makes it feel very comfortable and stable underfoot. When I took out for a test, I easily noticed the reduced stack height. The ground contact was visible, but the ride was soft.  

The Dynablast feels like a fast shoe because of the responsive soft Flytefoam midsole. The toe box is also roomy.

Despite the responsive midsole, the Dynablast performs well in long-distance running, but not as a fast shoe. It is for racking up miles.


Asics Dynablast Upper Component

Dynablast New Upper


There is a significant transformation in the Dynablast upper. It is a neat, soft, and stretchy upper, an upgrade of the engineered mesh in the Novablast. Hence, the Dynablast is slicker and plush.

 In the Dynablast, Asics did away with the excess material like in the Novablast and toned it down precisely. Hence, the Dynablast is true to size. With my Novablast, I had to go for a half size down to find a comfortable fit.

The upper material is extremely breathable. I could feel my foot breathing with ease and retaining the cool and dry feel.

The mesh is forgiving. It stretches a little bit, more so at the upper part of the foot (Instep) to provide a snug fit. Besides, the fit is complemented with the lacing up to give a snug fit. I did not experience the lacing subjecting the foot to pressure. The toe box is roomy and accommodates a wide foot. Therefore, it worked well for me. If you are narrow-footed, you may feel your foot swimming just a little bit. It should not be much of a concern.

The padding of the tongue is reasonable. It is neither plush nor little but just enough cushioning. Though not gusseted, it sits well on top of the foot and does not slip sideways or downwards.



The cushioning of the collar is quite thick and a typical feature of the Asics. It offers a soft cushioning around the tendon and ankle in addition to reinforcing the lockdown. It just gives you that pushing feeling.

The heel cup is rigid. Thus it locks down the heel exceptionally when running. The shoe has enough depth to accommodate orthotics.


Asics Dynablast Midsole Component


 Just like the Novablast, the Dynablast uses the Fytefoam blast. However, Asics did some transformation with the midsole. If you have run with the Novablast, you notice how squishy and springy it is, more so the high stacked heel and midsole.

Asics designers reduced the heel stack from 32mm to 22 mm and the forefoot stack from 27mm to 15mm. It is the first noticeable difference in the Dynablast.

While the Dynablast retained the FlyteFoam blast, it does not feel as squishy and trampoline as the Novablast. Instead, it feels quite firm underfoot, thus offering a solid landing. I recall settling quickly the first time I ran in this shoe.

By doing away with the bouncy and squishy midsole in the Novablast, the Dynablast felt more stable, especially at the forefoot than the Novablast but not as bouncy and responsive as the Novablast. Still, it is responsive. I experienced excellent energy returns. I did not feel any imbalance when making turns. My gait cycle and foot strike remained unchanged. Therefore, Dynablast makes an excellent daily trainer shoe for a short or long marathon.

However, the 12mm heel drop felt quite unusual. If you are not used to such a high heel drop, the first few steps may feel unusual. It is why the Novablast rides better than the Dynablast, especially in straight runs where there are no runs or going uphill and downhill.

The Flytefoam blast excellently absorbs the ground landing impact to provide a comfortable cushioning under the foot. Well. The rocker forefoot makes the heel-to-toe transition seamless. The stacked heel makes landing soft and supports the transitioning to propulsion.


dynablast outsole

The outsole s well crafted. It is extensively covered with rubber to provide sufficient traction when running and protecting the Flytefoam midsole from abrasion. The outsole has enough grip and very versatile to running surfaces. It does well on-road and dirt trail.





Dynablast is a nice-looking shoe that came out amidst the outbreak of super shoes. While many shoe brands forgot the ordinary trainers and focused on elite runners, through Dynablast, Asics seeks to give trainers a good daily trainer running shoe that is comfortable, smooth, and has excellent ground clearance.

 It is a shoe that a runner is bound to fall in love with immediately after hitting the road. Apart from the fitting issue, particularly for a narrow-footed runner, the Dynablast has a plush feel. It feels like a fast shoe but does provide the best running experience for a long-distance runner.

By correcting the shortcomings of the NovaBlast while retaining the reserved features of a traditional running shoe, the Dynablast falls in the shadow of the super shoes. Still, it is not a wrong choice for a single shoe runner who wants a shoe that can rack up miles comfortably.


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Asics Dynablast reviewed by Mike Lawrence. He is a regular trainer living in the U.S. Lawrence runs for fitness but loves the thrill of racking up miles occasionally. Though he has never participated in any athletic competition, he is still a strong follower of athletics. Besides, he has many miles under his feet.


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