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Saucony Ride 17 Review


  • Updated Midsole with the responsive and bouncy PWWRUN+ foam
  • Normal fitting upper
  • Responsive and bouncy ride
  • Versatile
  • Durable sole unit


  • Increased weight


 Take Away

Saucony did a significant overhaul on the Ride 17. The introduction of the beefy PWWRUN+ midsole foam has made Saucony 17 more versatile than its predecessor. It is bouncy and responsive enough to handle marathon efforts while retaining a firm feel.



      Hell drop: (8mm) 37mm and 29mm

      Weight: 9.9oz (US9)

      Shoe type: Neutral daily Training shoe

      Cushioning: Balanced and responsive



I have had exciting running sessions with the underrated Neutral daily trainer Saucony Ride, especially the Ride 15 and 16, which are breathable, have a snug fit, are easy to slip on, and possess excellent lockdown. Despite being quite firm, the previous two Saucony ride series, 15 and 16, have never been harsh on my legs. Besides, it is lighter on the foot and when running. I was excited and worried about the new updated Saucony Ride 17.

The update appeared like an overall overhaul. I was particularly enthusiastic about the new PWRRUN+ midsole foam and the softer ride. However, I was concerned about the changes in sizing and lacing system, as well as the arch support and the addition of stacked height. However, at 70 miles of testing the Saucony Ride 17, some worries have been confirmed and some overruled. It has more bounce, adaptive support, a better ride and comfort than the 16 and 15


What is New?

Saucony Ride 17 comes with significant changes. The new updates include increased stack height by 2mm. 

The platform has also increased in width by 5mm, thus enhancing stability. There is also the updated upper with a pull tab at the back and a slightly solid heel counter, but the upper runs somewhat narrower than the previous model. The weight has increased by 37g (1.3 oz.) but remains under 11 ounces for US size 9.

Other significant changes are the additional arch support that is more noticeable and the PWRRUN+ midsole foam, which is pretty firmer than the one in Saucony Triumph 21. 


    Saucony Ride 17 Upper Design and Fitting



The Saucony has a knack for designing better uppers. The Saucony Ride 17 has an exceptionally comfortable, plush mesh upper with amazing foot-bed cushioning. The gusseted and moderately padded tongue helps create a sock-like fitting.

There is a lack of loop on the hold of the tongue, but it still does slip. Besides, the toe box is well-ventilated with many perforations to provide enough aeration.

The collar has adequate padding that snuggly hugs my ankle.

Forget the lace loop because Saucony introduced a somewhat wove material that forms the loops. Still, I get an excellent lockdown like in the Saucony Ride 16. The fitting is okay. I won't say it doesn't fit true to size. Still, I must caution runners because it fits differently from the previous models since it runs slightly narrower. I went for true-to-size, and throughout my runs, I noticed that this new version runs marginally narrower than the Ride 16, which can be a problem for wide-footed runners. But it's not a significant problem. The lockdown is also excellent, and you've extra eyelets, which I haven't used yet. Saucony Ride 17 is not as roomy as the Triumph 21. Thus, I don't have to tighten the laces.

Overall, the lockdown is comfortable with some stretch. It has a standard fit, so I don't need to tighten the laces. Besides, the heel counter is pretty rounded, less rigid, and comfortable, and the removable PWRRUN+ insole creates a premium feel. 


Saucony Ride 17 Midsole Design and Performance




The PWRRUN+ midsole form is the most significant change in Saucony Ride 17. It is the same midsole foam Saucony placed in the Triumph 21, resulting in striking similarities between these two shoes. The full-length PWRRUN+ midsole slab from the heel to toe creates a softer underfoot ride than the Saucony ride 15 and 16.

I noticed that Saucony Ride 17 rides almost like the Triumph 21. Besides, these two shoes weigh nearly the same. The Saucony Ride 17 weighs 9.9 ounces, while the Triumph 21 weighs 9.8 ounces for US size 9. Even the women's size 8 weighs 8.8 ounces and 8.4 ounces, respectively. The Triumph has a stack height of only 2mm above Ride 17. Hence, Saucony Ride is a Triumph version with a lowered stack height and broadened platform. The Ride 17's platform is 5mm wider than the Ride 16.




The thick, hard rubber covers the base to protect the soft PWRRUN+ from abrasion. Its outsole rubber is stable across surfaces.

Despite the Saucony Ride 17 feeling quite chunky in the heel, the introduction of the PWRRUN+ suddenly makes it far more versatile and somehow enjoyable than the Triumph 21. It is because the 10mm heel drop in the Triumph 21 feels quite too much. It creates a noticeable slant.

The excellent performance of Saucony Triumph 17 comes down to the new PWRRUN+ midsole foam. This midsole foam seems like a different component from the Kinavara and Triumph, which is softer and lighter. In the Saucony Ride 17, the foam is quite firm, creating a fast, lively, and bouncy feel. You can also feel the difference in stack height from Ride 16.


     Why You should try the Saucony Ride 17?

            Saucony Ride 17 Heel


Although Saucony Ride 17 is heavier than its predecessor, it has a far more responsive foam that adds versatility to the shoe. Therefore, you are not merely purchasing a daily trainer because you can do lots of workouts, including 5Ks, marathon efforts, and easy runs.

It may not do the marathon like the Saucony Endorphin Speed, Puma Magnify Nitro 2, or Asics Magic Speed 3. Still, Saucony Ride 17 is a non-plated daily training shoe that allows you to tap into the full marathon runs. It has smooth transitions and quick turnovers.

The Saucony Ride 17 also suits someone who wants something in between a soft and firm underfoot ride with adequate bounce, especially a shoe firmer than the Nike Zoom x

It may also suit someone who does not like the noticeable slant in the Triumph 21.


 Who Shouldn't Buy Saucony Ride 17?

You may forego the Saucony Ride 17 if you don't like the noticeable arch support. Though, I have learned to run with it. Still, some runners can be sensitive to the arch support.

It may have a fitting issue for wide-footed runners. Try the shoe for the right fit.


 Rating Out of 10  

  • Design           9
  • Comfort         9
  • Ride               9
  • Durability       9
  • Traction         8




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