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Adidas Duramo Speed Review

Adidas Duramo Speed is a budget-friendly running shoe that performs beyond its price tag. At 550 kilometers (342 miles), the shoe still looks unscratched, with only minimal signs of abrasion in the outsole.

What makes this shoe a budget shoe is that it is a downgrade of the Adidas Adizero Boston 12. It features the Lightstrike 1.0 midsole cushioning instead of Lightstrike 2.0 in Boston 12. The Lightstrike 1.0 is characterized by firmness, reduced rebound, and normal ride experience, unlike the somewhat plusher Lightstrike 2.0.

Still, the design and overall performance of Duramo Speed are incredible.


     Adidas Duramo Speed Upper Design and Fitting 

           Adidas Duramo Speed toe box


The Duramo Speed has a stylish and comfortable upper made of relatively lightweight engineered mesh. My U.S. size 9 is roomy enough to accommodate free-toe splaying. The lacing system doesn’t look cheap either. The padding around the heel collar is fair, but the tongue is thin, with a lace loop that keeps it in place.

I love the fitting, including the heel lockdown. Duramo Speed fits true to size. The breathability is fair. It is not highly breathable.



      Adidas Duramo Speed Midsole and Performance

            Adidas Duramo Speed midsole


Another reminder that the midsole is a full slab of Ligthstrike 1.0 foam, which is firm but not a problem if you intend to do a few low-intensity miles a week. The stack height is impressive, especially the 6.5 heel drop.  

The ride is not lively but pleasing. I may say flat! There is no springy toe-off. The stability is excellent, and the ride is satisfying at a moderate pace.


         Should You Buy Adidas Duramo Speed?

             Adidas Duramo Speed midfoot


Of course, the Adidas Duramo Speed is not suitable for aggressive workouts. Still, it is a good choice for putting in weekly miles and doing a couple of intervals at low intensity. If you are into longer and faster intervals, switch to the Boston 12 or its predecessor and other discounted and budget-friendly shoes like the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 7, Puma Electrify Nitro 2, and many others.

The Duramo Speed is lightweight enough to accommodate easy short and medium-distance runs, including low-intensity interval training. It is not a fast shoe, so don’t expect explosive runs with Adidas Duramo Speed.

The Adidas Duramo Speed is a fantastic entry-level and budget-friendly neutral running shoe. Still, it is a firm shoe that loosens after a couple of miles. 

Since the Duramo Speed goes for even less than $60 now, it is worth the risk. Try it out, especially if you love some mid-firm underfoot ride. The Lightstrike midsole guarantees hundreds of miles.



Shoe Type: Neutral daily training shoe

Weight: 263g

Heel drop: 6.5mm

Cushioning: Medium Cushioning (toward the lower end)

Midsole technology: Lightstrike

Terrain: Road

Speed: Moderate and slow

Distance: Short (5k-10k)







 Reviewd By Terry Harris 

Terry Harris is a regular runner from North Carolina. He is also into running shoes. Terry Harris has run in hundreds of running shoes from popular shoe brands. He understands how each compares with another in terms of performance, fitting, styling, and technology. He always looks forward to trying new running shoes.



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