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Adidas Kaptir 2.0 Review

Adidas Kaptir 2.0 is a lightweight, well-cushioned, stylish shoe for running and all-day walking. I call it a survival shoe because it shouldn’t be subjected to long, tough and rugged miles, except for a recovery shoe. It is not strong enough to handle regular running but is exceptionally comfortable for everyday walking. 


What Makes Adidas Kaptir 2.0 Comfortable

The shoe has updated comfort due to the new Cloudfoam midsole foam. The upper fabric is also soft and quite stretchy. Besides, it has a flexible outsole rubber which bends easily at the forefoot area; thus, eradicating pressure points.

The soft removable insole is also made of a cloudfoam. I like how its sponginess contributes to overall comfort. 


How is Adidas Kaptir 2.0 Upper part?

Adidas Kaptir 2 upper


Adidas Kaptir 2.0 lacks actual supportive arch features, and this may cause problems for runners looking for stability. There is little padding at the heel support, thus no irritation. However, the collar and tongue lack significant padding, but the soft upper material guarantees comfort. Besides, it is stretchy and takes the shape of a shoe, ensuring no wobbling when running or walking.

However, the upper may throw you off balance, especially when running on uneven surfaces. Still, I see Adidas Kaptir 2.0 as a casual shoe, and additional support features will make no sense to me except for someone who needs significant support. So, Adidas Kaptir 2.0 fits my style. Besides, the fitting is spot on. It fits true to size.


The Ride

Adidas Kaptir 2.0


With the Cloudfoam midsole foam and synthetic outsole, the Kaptir has a soft underfoot feel. The turnover is quick due to the lightweight until you forget you have some shoes on. 


The Protection Aspect

There is no actual protection. There is neither an actual heel counter nor overlays to protect the ankles. The TPU heel counter extends halfway but does enough to keep the heel in place. Also, the synthetic outsole rubber is soft to withstand a sharp object. Hence, I won’t advise wearing the  Kaptir 2.0 when walking or running on a trail and working in garage, or store. 



Adidas Kaptir 2 outsole

The outsole rubber has sufficient traction 


 What is the Quality of Adidas Kaptir 2.0?


I put a five star for this shoe based on its category. It has a beautiful booty-like construction design. The lacing system is amazing, especially the soft round laces. 

The fabric is pretty warm and it feels like wearing a woolen sweater. Hence, I don’t think it is comfortable to wear Adidas Kaptir 2.0 during extreme heat during summer.

Despite the nice design, the designers ensured that Adidas Kaptir 2.0 is not for everyday use. 


Who Should Buy Kaptir 2.0?


It fits someone looking for an all-day comfortable walking shoe, especially something lighter than New Balance 847v4

This shoe is not limited to walking but includes other lightweight activities like short-distance running or jogging, not excluding less intensive sports like golf. 

The beautiful knit upper material makes it easy to match outfits. Hence, this shoe fits someone looking for casual wear. 

A 10-hour shift is possible with Adidas Kaptir 2.0. Hence someone who stands for a long time at work should consider Adidas Kaptir 2.0.


What to Expect from Adidas Kaptir 2.0


  • Beautiful design
  • Exceptional comfort
  • True to size fitting
  • lightweight
  • Cuddling upper 
  • Unsatisfying durability if you subject it to heavy use


Adidas Kaptir 2 heelcounter







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By Kyle Parker

Parker is a gym trainer, runner, and shoe lover who enjoys everything to do with fitness and shoes. He deeply understands the relationship between the shoes you wear, your body, and how you run. 



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