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New Balance 520v8 Review I Affordable and Versatile


Shoes Type: Neutral running shoe

Heel Drop: 8mm

Weight: 250 g (8.8oz)

Width: Standard


The New Balance 520 series is one of New Balance's pocket-friendly and versatile running shoes with good value for money. Despite their affordability, New Balance has maintained impeccable quality to impress entry runners. They are comfortable, durable and stylish. The initial New Balance 520 v1 had an old-school appearance. It looked like a shoe from the 1970s. Over time, the designs have changed, but the Retro styling has remained.  The new version is a better version of its predecessor because of the improvements made by New Balance.


 New Balance 520 v8 Upper Design and Fitting


The first notable change is the mesh upper and less weight. New Balance 520 v8's upper part features a no-sew two-layered mesh. The outer layers are highly perforated to make the shoe amazingly breathable. The inner layer comprises a soft lining for comfort. The upper is flexible to allow the foot to adapt omfortably and naturally to movements when running.




    New Balance 520v8 Midsole Design, Cushioning and Performance



The midsole has the EVA midsole foam. This midsole foam is incomparable to New Balance's latest foam, Fresh Foam X, or the previous version, Fresh Foam, which are much softer and responsive. Instead, the EVA midsole has intermediate hardness, a balance of softness and stiffness.

The low heel drop and stack height ensure significant ground contact, though the cushioning is sufficient for walking and running short distances. It is what you get for a pocket-friendly running shoe.

New Balance 520v8 ousole

In the outsole, the forefoot is almost entirely covered by herringbone patterned rubber except for a small thin line cutting through the middle. In the heel area, the outsole rubber only covers a high contact area, leaving room for flexibility.

The herringbone pattern design provides a fantastic grip across several surfaces. I have run in wet grass in the park, and New Balance 520 v8 doesn't slip.

The outsole design guarantees durability; anything between 500 to 600 miles because you are likely to walk more with this shoe than using it for daily running miles.


 How is it to run in New Balance 520v8? Well, this shoe is comfortable and lightweight. You may not feel like you are wearing it when running. New Balance 520 v8 is comfortable on the foot but, has a pretty firm underfoot ride due to EVA foam. There is subtle responsiveness. I have tried various paces, fast and slow, and stability is excellent. The 520v8 performs well in short distances at moderate speed. Therefore, it is one of the best affordable options for entry runners apart from the New Balance 680v7, New Balance 411v3 or 410V7.


Why You Should Buy New Balance 520v8

New Balance  520 v8 running shoe fits someone looking for an affordable running shoe for all-day wear and short-distance running.

It suits entry-level runners because it is lightweight, stable and versatile on the road and grass.

New Balance 520v8 is also an affordable casual wear. It has a super cool appearance, with a breathable mesh upper to keep the foot fresh throughout the day.


Reason You Shouldn't Buy New Balance 520v8

New Balance 520v8  is not a good choice for someone looking for support because it offers neutral pronation. New Balance 847v4 is an alternative for all-day walking.


                    New Balance 520v8 Heel counter


What to expect from New Balance 820v8

  • Affordability
  • Comfort
  • A balance of softness and firmness
  • No support (It is a neutral shoe)
  • Restro styling
  • The Upper adapts to foot's shape
  • Lightweight
  • Versatility


 By Kyle Parker

Parker is a gym trainer, runner, and shoe lover who enjoys everything to do with fitness and shoes. He deeply understands the relationship between wearing a good running /training shoes and excellent training. He is also a shoe lover.



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